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Digital Marketing Guidance for B2B Industrial Manufacturers

Learn more from our industrial marketing experts. As the top industrial marketing agency, with 20 years of experience marketing industrial products and services, learn some of the best industrial marketing techniques, b2b industrial marketing strategy tips, and types of industrial advertising.
What is Industrial marketing?
Modern industrial marketing is more than just marketing goods and services to customers or the effort to get someone to buy products and services.

Industrial digital marketing is knowing customers and their problems, innovating solutions to those problems, and communicating those innovations in a way that creates real and perceived value for a carefully defined target market. Profit is a reward for manufacturing a satisfied customer. Because of this, marketing must be more than just a separate business function, or “things we do to get to the sale.”

You will have reached an understanding of what industrial marketing is on a conceptual level — and what it means to your business — when:

The stated purpose of your industrial business is to create a customer
Customer-focused, market-driven business is a core value of your business
Marketing is a distinguishing function of your business
You know your customers and their problems, create innovative solutions to those problems, and communicate them to carefully defined target markets
You see profit as your reward for manufacturing a satisfied customer

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