Expand Your Square Footage with a Mezzanine

A mezzanine in a indoor sports centerThe word “mezzanine” often conjures up two images: the first being mezzanine seating in a theater, and the second being warehouses or factories. But what is a mezzanine?

Mezzanines are pre-engineered floor decking systems that allow you to add extra space to your facility. They can transform your workspace, your home, or your business and open up your floor plan. They are also more cost-effective and far less time-consuming than looking for a new area. Applications for mezzanine floors include storage space, office space, recreational areas, and many more!

Check out these 10 creative ways to use a mezzanine to expand your square footage without renovations, new constructions, or moving to new offices. You can also view the selection of mezzanines on the Martin Vertical Storage website:

10 Ways to Use a Mezzanine in Your Facility

Storage Space

A warehouse mezzanine used for inventory managementWhen you run a business, storage can become a sore spot very quickly. Suppose you have a lot of office equipment or merchandise for your booming retail start-up. If you start running out of space, storage can be a complicated problem to solve. Steel mezzanines are an effective storage solution that does not sacrifice any of your precious square footage. It can work as open storage or a closed-off room above and below the mezzanine level.

Office Space

A mezzanine office space overlooking the rest of the facilityAs people are returning to their offices, added space can be a concern. Offering offices with walls and doors can help with productivity, health, and safety. It gives employees an added sense of accomplishment. With a mezzanine, you can create dedicated office spaces for your employees without making external additions to the building.

VIP Section in Your Bar or Club

Special sections in bars and clubs can be real money makers. A mezzanine can create separation without losing floor space that can provide patrons with a birds-eye view of the party while inducing envy in the party-goers outside the VIP section. A VIP mezzanine will add more seating and an element of exclusivity.

Extra Restaurant Seating

The increase in square footage that you get from a mezzanine is the perfect place to add seating in your restaurant. It can also become a private party space for your venue. Having enclosed rooms for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and other family events gives your restaurant access to varied sorts of revenue.

Waiting Area

Reception areas can add value to an office space. Creating a comfortable, safe, and inviting space for your clients to wait is vital for several different business models, from hairdressers to retailers. Adding a mezzanine will create a cozy, welcoming environment that makes waiting a little easier.


For law firms, nonprofit organizations, and design firms, multi-level mezzanines help maximize your space. The lowest balcony can be used as a library to store books, briefs, and samples in an organized fashion. You can even include tables and workspaces to streamline the use of space.

Co-Working Space

Co-working or teaming spaces are becoming more popular in corporations. Creating spaces for your staff to collaborate is essential to an organization’s growth. With a mezzanine, you can create an inviting workspace that inspires new ideas and fresh spins on your projects.

Conference Room

Many businesses need large conference rooms so their teams can convene and collaborate.. A mezzanine allows creating a conference area that overlooks your office, studio, or warehouse without losing valuable space.

Six people in around a conference room table discussing ideas | Mezzanine offices


A lounge creates a space for your staff to have social interactions, allowing employees to unwind in stressful moments, have greater productivity throughout the day, collaborate, and be more creative. Lounges also help reduce employee turnover, so adding a mezzanine lounge can prove to be a helpful necessity.

Multi-Purpose Space

Creating a multi-purpose space can meet several business needs simultaneously. Mezzanines are sturdy enough to construct walls to separate space as you see fit. Creating more offices, storage spaces, or even break rooms for workers is easier than ever with a mezzanine.

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The versatility of a mezzanine is undeniable. Constructing new spaces in your building can give you more flexibility, especially as you scale and grow your business. R.W. Martin provides affordable mezzanine options to create the extra space your business needs. Contact R.W. Martin today to learn more about their mezzanines and other vertical storage solutions.

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