Taking Writing Styles to the Next Level

The voices we present here are personas of individuals who have impacted our lives. Channeling the voices of real people and how they would tell the story is not only entertaining but allows a writer to easily get into the creative flow.

Here are a few of our favorite personas:

Bob: Such a Bore
Bob represents how we wrote our articles for the past 20 years. No one was ever supposed to see this content — it was just for SEO.  The problem is, once we became really good at SEO, these articles gained traction. Rather than trash them, we thought we could use them as examples of how to put the reader to sleep. We then started rewriting them as our favorite personas. They are a great read and examples of how stepping out of yourself, your head, and your thoughts, and channeling someone else, can make your writing come alive.

Bill: The Inspirer 
My whole life I’ve tried to be like Bill. Bill taught me to build teams, motivate people, and make everyone feel valued.

John Is Hilarious
John is the funniest person you’ll ever meet. People just gravitate toward him. He’s become incredibly successful and a leader you would do anything to work for.

Cathy: Don’t Be a Cathy!
Cathy was the first person to ever fire me. Need I say more?

Sam the Snake
Sam is the perfect example of why we avoid salespeople.

Assholes are Angels in Disguise
What can we learn from people who push all our buttons.

Julie is Way Too Serious
Julie is way too serious and cannot achieve a balance between a professional and creative voice.

Pam: I Miss You, Mom
Pam taught me how wonderful appreciation can feel.