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It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, It’s a Mezzanine!

Look around your facility. Is it a cramped, cluttered collection of equipment and inventory? Now, look up. Is there anywhere to store that extra inventory? No? Therein lies your problem.

Do not take this the wrong way. Running out of space is actually a good thing! It means your business is growing successfully, and your inventory is beginning to reflect that growth. But where are you supposed to go from here? How are you going to take in more inventory if you are completely stocked up?

Many large facilities and warehouses have large amounts of underutilized space between their main floor and the ceiling. Believe it or not, this is all space you could be using to store your inventory and equipment. This is where mezzanines come in. Mezzanines are the ideal method for expanding your storage space and using up all that open-air above you.

What are Mezzanines?

Also known as intermediate floors, mezzanines are platforms that create workable space between the main floor of your building and its ceiling. These areas have countless uses, allowing you to create storage space, office space, pathways, and more, so you can expand your business without needing to make external additions to your facility.

Types of Mezzanines

Freestanding mezzanine in distribution facilityFreestanding or structural mezzanines are the most common type of mezzanine storage. If you need to expand your storage space, this is the ideal solution. These mezzanines can store various types of products and equipment and are entirely modular, allowing you to configure it to suit your unique facility.

These mezzanines are also supported by heavy-duty steel beams, so they properly support things like industrial machinery. This strength also allows them to function as office spaces, work areas, locker rooms, and much more.

Catwalk mezzanines are another common type, but they are not used for storage. These mezzanines create pathways that sit above the main working area. This allows employees to more freely move throughout the facility without worrying about crowding and bumping into each other. You can even make additions to catwalk mezzanines that allow people to work from above.

Shelving or rack-supported mezzanines act as a direct expansion of your current storage systems. They use the existing or pallet racks as support, so they can create more storage space above without the need for steel support beams.

Full mat mezzanines are the best option for facilities that want the most out of a single mezzanine. These mezzanines are essentially a combination of both freestanding and catwalk mezzanines. They allow you to create more storage space, workspace, and clear pathways throughout your facility with the support of high-strength steel construction.

Where Have I Seen Mezzanines Before?

Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Manufacturing Plants

Most people think of mezzanines as something warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities use, and they are not wrong. Mezzanines are common in these applications because they have unique requirements for maintaining ample work and storage space. In an industry where you are constantly moving, shipping, receiving, and fabricating products, mezzanines are an invaluable tool.

Parts and components distributors find mezzanines particularly useful because they have so many different types of products to keep track of. If your facility stores and ships automotive parts, you have to keep track of everything from nuts and bolts to full engine assemblies. The extra storage space allows them to organize more effectively and minimize errors during shipment.

In manufacturing facilities, employees need to navigate through their workspace with large industrial machinery nearby. If the facility is crowded, this machinery poses a more significant safety risk than usual. In this situation, a catwalk mezzanine can improve safety and workflow by giving employees pathways above and away from the machinery. This allows them to work without having to constantly worry about being too close to dangerous equipment.

With Martin Vertical Storage, these facilities can find the ideal mezzanine configuration to ensure higher levels of productivity and better safety standards for their employees.

Recreation Centers and Entertainment Venues

Mezzanine in a fitness centerMezzanines do not have to be all about storage and industrial manufacturing, though. You will often see them in recreation centers like gyms and indoor sporting facilities. Of course, they can create more space for storing workout and sporting equipment, but they can also create a space for elevated seating. Mezzanine bleachers give families and spectators the ability to comfortably watch indoor soccer and basketball games and cheer for the home team!

You may have seen mezzanines at concert venues or other entertainment locations. Mezzanines are easily customizable, so they can be designed to fit a particular vibe and create space for audience members while they watch their favorite band, comedian, or artist. There is a reason why mezzanine seats cost so much!

Retail and Wholesale Stores

Mezzanines are even a part of your local retail and wholesale stores. Next time you visit your favorite store, take a look around. There is a good chance they are using a mezzanine somewhere in the building.

These stores need mezzanines to store their inventory and give customers a more pleasant shopping experience. A mezzanine can also give customers a better idea of what’s in stock. If you have ever been to a Sam’s Club or Costco, you have seen how high they can stack pallets of all kinds of products. That is all thanks to mezzanines.

How Do I Start Building My Mezzanine?

Putting a mezzanine in your store or facility is a significant step for your business’s growth, but where do you start? With R.W. Martin, you will receive a mezzanine that is custom-built for your space. R.W. Martin is a leading provider of equipment and storage solutions, having supplied countless businesses with high-quality Cogan® mezzanines with their sister company Martin Vertical Storage Solutions.

Martin Vertical Storage will send their team to your facility, so they can understand the full scope of your floor space. This will allow them to develop the most effective configuration for your mezzanine and use your space efficiently. Once you approve the design, their team will take care of the installation, so you can continue to run your business.

For more than 50 years, R.W. Martin and its associates have been providing businesses with reliable industrial equipment solutions. If you are looking to expand your facility’s floor space or for any other type of equipment, contact R.W. Martin today. Their staff can answer any questions you have and help you get started on planning your mezzanine construction project.

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