Finding the Best PCB Manufacturers:  The Top 7 in the USA

There are many PCB Manufacturers (printed circuit board manufacturer) in United States, but not all of them can provide the type of fabrication that you need. Here we focus on listing companies with sub-categories for boards and material to help identify a company best suited for your needs! You may also want to check out our top 10 list below.

Naturally, PCB manufacturing is complex. However, with so many reliable options to choose from in the USA, it can be difficult to select one that’s right for you and your project needs. We have been an established electronics company since over 15 years ago which has given us a ton of experience on our side when providing services such as fully designed prototype boards or high volume production runs – all at competitive rates! With this list we hope you’ll find what’s best suited for whatever need lies ahead according to different types of customer service levels offered by 10 top rated leading PCB manufacturers across USA:PCB Manufacturers USA | Fire Door Inspection

1. CO-AX Technology, Inc

At the top of our list is CO-AX Technology, an Ohio  PCB manufacturer located in Solon.

CO-AX is the premier provider of electronic systems to companies looking for a way into today’s market. With over 100 years of combined experience in design and production of PCB circuit boards, CO-AX can innovate your idea into production or update legacy products with ease. Alongside PhD level engineering skills, we offer help from hardware engineers through software developers all the way down to those who specialize in manufacturing support. You get everything needed regardless if this product has just started as an idea or was updated by someone else before.

2. Advanced Circuitry International (ACI)

The ACI is a trusted world class manufacturer and supplier of RF, Microwave and Antenna PCB’s. This company has a manufacturing facility in Georgia (United States), Atlanta (United States), Curitiba (Brazil) and Gandhinagar India). ACI offers United State’s leading manufacturers of high-reliability PCBS for the Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications sectors as well as medical devices. Mainly focusing on large format multilayer pcbs with rapid prototyping services among others they also offer board assembly service to other electronics companies too!

3. Custom Circuit Boards

Custom Circuit Boards is a manufacturer of PCBs with the capability to fabricate your prototype and production quantity Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). They have over 20 years worth of experience in manufacturing boards, including 1-40 Layer PCB’s. Whether you need small volume prototypes or high volumes for mass production, Custom Board can always cater to your needs at affordable prices.

Custom circuitry provides custom circuit board fabrication services which will provide customers with quality products that meet their budget constraints while still meeting industry requirements such as RoHS compliance standards and UL certifications

4. Camptech Circuits

As a company, Camptech is committed to integrity and has developed a culture that takes responsibility seriously. Our team understands the importance of honesty in our work so we are always striving for excellence. Camptech offers deliveries of 4 to 10 days for prototypes and up to 4 weeks for production.

5. Rush PCB Inc

RUSH PCB Inc is your one-stop shop for all of your Printed Circuit Board needs. They manufacture, assemble and turnkey boards to fit any specification you may need! Choose from a variety of options including: Moulded Boards, High Density Interconnect Boards (HDI) and Flexible or Rigid Flex Circuits.

6. TechnoTronix

TechTronix, a PCB manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in the industry and combined expertise rendering high-tech assembly service. Theywork on three different types of printed circuit boards: Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Metal Core Printed Circuit Boards.  Experts designing new products and services to meet customer needs while continuing to invest time into innovation so that we can continue to serve customers.

7.   Journey Circuits, Inc.

Journey Circuits Inc is committed to satisfying your PCB needs with domestic & offshore facilities for large volume orders as well as small jobs. PCB Design and Manufacturing is turning the industry on its head by creating boards with a whole new level of quality. Founded in 2012, PCB Design has had immense success in their field due to their expertise and passion for what they do.

Learn more about the types of PCB boards and best manufacturers for each type at Co-Ax.

  • Single and Double Sided Board
  • Multi Layer Board
  • Flexible Board
  • Rigid Flexible Board
  • Metal Board
  • Teflon Board
  • Back Board
  • Back Board
  • Build up Board
  • Heavy Copper Board

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Learn more about the types of PCB boards and best manufacturers for each type at CO-AX. Though there are other circuit board companies in the United States, we’ve got you covered. Our products and services offer more than what any of these others can provide to their customers. We know that it may not always be easy for our potential customers to figure out which company is best suited for them so this article will help shed some light on who would serve your needs most effectively based on a few different factors!

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