Evaluating the top 3 brands used in laundromats and vended laundry

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Whether you run a hotel, an apartment complex, or laundromat, your coinop laundry equipment must run dependably for your business to run smoothly as a whole.  You know you don’t have time to wait around for your laundry equipment to work, but you certainly don’t have time to deal with equipment dealers who cut corners.  Save money on repairs and downtime by choosing the top brands commercial laundry equipment, without dealing with any uncertainty about a piece’s past. In fact, HM Laundry Equipment‘s inventory of commercial laundry equipment includes these top 3 brands. Take a look below at the available brands and a few examples of available products.  

#1 – Chicago is the best brand for on premise ironers and folders:

There is no substitute for the appearance and feel that only a crisply ironed tabletop, napkin, pillowcase, or sheet can provide. Ironed linen conveys a message of quality and cleanliness: that an establishment is “first class” all the way. This is especially true where linen is exposed to constant usage and washings which quickly take a toll on its appearance. “Tumble dried only” linen often gives the impression that it has already been used by a previous guest and may not be as clean as it should be. Chicago equipment puts the final touches on freshly laundered products for well presented ironed and folded packages. The last step in the commercial laundry process is also the first thing your customer sees.

Chicago specializes in designing and building systems to separate, feed, dry, iron/finish, and fold washed sheets, pillowcases, and table linen, as well as tumble dried towels, blankets, patient gowns, scrubs, and specialty or luxury items. As you will see, technical expertise, product innovation, quality, local support, and tradition are powerful reasons to choose Chicago as your single source for flatwork finishing innovation and solutions. Get a quote on a Chicago Folder or Chicago Ironer from HM Laundry.

# 2 Milner Washer and Milner Dryers for coinop operations


A  Milner Washer provides the highest productivity. Their larger cylinder volume allows for more linens to be washed with less time required to process each load. Milnor washer/extractors are offered in a wide range of capacities, starting at 25 pounds and going all the way to 700 pounds. By selecting a washer with the Milnor trusted name, you are choosing the most innovative industrial washer on the market.

When you choose a Milner Dryer, you not only choose quality, accountability, and cutting edge technology, but you also choose a higher standard.

Equipment International offers both manual and automated operations dryers to meet both your commercial and industrial laundry needs. No matter the amount of laundry you process, Milnor dryers can handle it with their promise to improve your productivity through efficiency.

Manual dryers are available in variety of models and sizes while pass-through dryers are specially designed to work with Milnor’s batch washing machines.

# 3 Huebsch Washer and Huebsch Dryer are headache free


With unmatched innovation and efficiency, the Huebsch Washer delivers maximized revenue like nobody else can. Our full line of durable coin operated washer-extractors, tumble dryers and single-load units are packed with groundbreaking innovations and ultra-efficient features to put laundromat owners in prime position for success.

Commercial Tumble Dryers

The Huebsch Dryer is synonymous with top performing on-premises commercial tumble dryers. By balancing airflow and heat input, Huebsch® commercial tumble dryers deliver fast drying without wasting energy.

Available in 30, 35, 50, 55, 75, 120, 170, 200, stacked 30 and stacked 45 lb capacities, Huebsch® tumble dryers offer efficient, dependable drying every time.

Key Product Features:

30 – 55 lb

  • Fast and Efficient
  • Axial Airflow Design
  • Digital or Microprocessor Controls
  • Heavy-Duty, Multi-Rib Poly-V Belt
  • Stacked Models Available in 2×30 and 2×45 lb Capacities
  • Reversing Option Available
White Huebsch Dryer

50 – 75 lb

  • Fast Drying, Energy Efficient Design
  • Quiet All-Belt Drive System
  • Digital or Microprocessor Controls
  • Optional Fire Suppression System

120 – 170 lb

  • Fast Drying With Reversing Cylinder
  • Quiet All-Belt Drive System
  • Self Cleaning Lint Screen
  • Optional Fire Suppression System

200 lb

  • Galaxy™ Microprocessor Control Offers 30 Programmable Cycles & 3 Cycle Types
  • Energy-Saving Over-dry Prevention Technology (OPT) Available on Galaxy™
  • High-Performance Heater Box
  • Self-Cleaning Lint Screen
  • Optional Combustion Auto Response Equipped System
  • Concentrated Airflow Pattern


Choosing the right coin operated laundry equipment can be overwhelming. Not only are you looking through different brands, but the washers and dryers all have different capacities, features, and specifications to consider. On top of all that, you’re dealing with the normal day-to-day businesses tasks and the plethora of other to-do’s that come with starting or running a business. The laundry experts at HM Laundry are here to help. To help you focus and narrow things down, we’ve put together some of the key things to look for when purchasing commercial laundry equipment.

Cost & Financing

Of course, cost is always a main consideration for any business purchase. Commercial laundry service kentucky is no different. You’ll want to plan and budget for this investment appropriately and consider how the purchase plays into your long term business plan.

Start by doing your research and planning out a realistic budget. Then, be sure and stick to your budget when you actually make the equipment purchase. Many commercial laundry distributors, like HM Laundry, offer flexible financing options tailored to laundry investors to help with this process.

Don’t forget to check out the equipment warranties as well. As an experienced distributor, we can help you understand the warranty on your equipment, which will save you tons of hassle and money in the long run.

Size & Capacity

What size and capacity on premise laundry you’ll want to purchase varies upon your industry and your facility. Some industries, like and medical facilities, may want large capacity equipment that can handle a heavy volume of sheets and linens. Others, like a fitness center or salon, may benefit from smaller machines that allow them to do smaller loads of towels on a more continuous basis.

The space of your facility may also impact what machines you should buy. There’s no benefit to buying a large capacity machine if it will take up more space than you can afford to lose. If you’re unsure or building a new facility, a distributor can help design a functional laundry space for you, your staff, and your customers. Keep in mind, you should also consider future growth, expansion, and remodeling plans. Would the equipment work in the redesigned space or as your business grows?

Eco-Friendly Features

It’s common knowledge that utility costs are one of the leading concerns facing investors. The more you can reduce your water and electricity costs, the more profitable and successful your business will be, whether it’s a laundromat or on-premise or multi-housing laundry room.

With all that in mind, looking for eco-friendly machines that’ll cut down on water and electricity use is in your best interest. It’s especially important to consider the best laundromat equipment particularly if your machines are 5+ years old, as design and equipment technology improvements are happening quickly.


As noted above, technology is changing quickly in the laundry industry, so it’s important to consider your options when buying new equipment.

Advanced controls and technology can help you save money and improve efficiency at your laundry operation. When picking coin op washer dryer or a coin op electric dryer, consider problem areas and hiccups you’ve run into in the past at your business, such as long wait times, controls that were difficult to use, or a tedious process for tracking revenue and machine maintenance. You want to purchase equipment that can help you solve these and other common laundry issues from the get-go to make life easier for you and your customers.

Another thing to consider is using easy controls. No one wants to use complicated, clunky controls. They should be self-explanatory and easy to pick up on. This is especially important to reduce training and onboarding time if you’re in an OPL or multi-housing facility where employee turnover is high. Also, don’t forget to dive into what your customers want. It’s no secret that it’s all about convenience these days. Take a look at various card payment system options, apps, and other technology that coincides with your machines to make the laundry process smoother and more efficient.

For every answer to your questions about buying the right equipment, contact HM Laundry laundromat equipment sales support.

laundry equipment for sale row of washers

Choose The Best Laundry Equipment Company

Need to find laundry equipment for sale? Without efficient industrial laundry operations and equipment, your business can’t run efficiently and safely. Take time to choose an industrial laundry equipment company that will maximize efficiency at your workplace.

When it comes to eco-friendly machines, having commercially viable machines is vital. Using eco-friendly coin operated laundry equipment brings any organization a modern solution to maximize the commercial laundry equipment you have.


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