Do I Really Have to Take the Stairs?

A vertical lift from Martin Vertical Storage SolutionsIf you have ever moved somewhere that has multiple floors, you know the dread of realizing there isn’t an elevator. You have to carry all your belongings and furniture up several flights of stairs, and you have to hope the marks you put on the walls don’t come out of your security deposit. Now, how would you feel if this was your job? You would want an elevator or a new job as soon as possible, but there are other ways besides elevators to get you up and down.

Warehouses, storage facilities, and distribution centers are always looking for better ways to store and ship their inventory. In many cases, they have products and equipment that are so heavy that taking the stairs is not an option. What these facilities need is a vertical lift.

What is a Vertical Lift?

Vertical lifts are a form of material handling equipment that can transport inventory of nearly any category between floors of a building. They are also referred to as Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors or VRC Lifts, meaning they move up and down. Whether you are looking to move items from balconies, basements, mezzanines, or other floors, a vertical lift can do it without the need for forklifts or back-breaking labor.

Vertical Platform Lift Applications

Common applications for vertical platform lifts include warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and retail or wholesale stores. These operations typically handle large volumes of different materials every day, so they need a quick, reliable way to move stuff between floors. However, you might also see vertical lifts in schools, libraries, and other public organizations.

Why would a school or library need a lift? Although they seem like they fit best in industrial situations, vertical platform lifts can be used for multi-level storage almost anywhere. Schools may need to store things like sporting equipment or art supplies, and libraries may store extra books away when they run out of room. In the absence of an elevator, a lift provides a simple solution for storing items that would otherwise clutter occupied spaces.

Okay, so why not just use an elevator?

Wouldn’t an Elevator Be Easier?

A yellow elevator door | Vertical platform liftElevators are certainly convenient, but let’s be honest — they aren’t always the best solution. No one likes being in an elevator with a stranger, and elevator music makes the situation even more unbearable. And that is the central difference between vertical lifts and elevators: People.

An elevator’s central function is to safely move passengers from point A to point B in a building. This means elevator construction involves adherence to a litany of national safety codes, which makes elevators significantly more expensive to build. Not to mention that maintenance is much more frequent, so you really never stop paying for an elevator.

Vertical lifts, on the other hand, do not have to transport passengers, and that means no more elevator music and no more awkward moments with random people. Most importantly, you do not have to worry about elevator codes and spending all that extra money to stay in operation. In fact, you build a lift in an empty elevator shaft to save even more time and money.

This does not mean that vertical lifts are any less safe than elevators. They simply play by a different set of rules. If you construct a lift in your facility, you will still benefit from a variety of safety features that protect both employees and inventory. With Martin Vertical Storage, for example, you can build a lift that meets national safety standards under ANSI/ASME B20.1 guidelines.

Why Should I Get a Vertical Lift?

Carrying Stuff Upstairs is a Pain

Why would you carry a bunch of heavy boxes up and downstairs if you don’t have to? Sure, you could probably use the exercise, but the problem arises when you have to do this all day every day with inventory that weighs 50 to 100 pounds per trip. This puts you at risk of falling, tearing your muscles, or throwing out your back. In a warehouse situation, this means less productivity and plenty of workers’ compensation payouts.

A vertical lift does all the heavy lifting, so you do not have to worry about lugging extremely heavy loads up and down flights of stairs. This also keeps people from getting injured and leaves them with the energy they need to focus on more important things. If you want to streamline workflow and create a happier work environment, a vertical lift is the way to go.

More Space! For Activities!

A vertical platform life from RW MartinWarehouses and distribution facilities are extremely busy, and there are countless employees moving around trying to complete jobs. Without a lift, workers transport everything by hand, and this crowds the facility. Carrying larger items also requires people to clear a stairway completely to ensure they can pass safely.

With a vertical platform lift, workers do not have to worry about who is and isn’t moving stuff on the stairs. This significantly improves efficiency and eliminates the frustration of having to start and stop all the time.

You can free up even more space with the help of industrial equipment specialists from Martin Vertical Storage. They can help you construct a vertical lift for your mezzanine or other floors in such a way that effectively uses your available space. This ensures the new lift does not get in the way and only makes working easier for everyone. There are lift models for tight spaces, models for areas without overhead space, and many more, so you can find the perfect fit for your facility.

Forklift Operators Need Breaks, Too

Industrial facilities of all kinds use forklifts to handle a wide variety of tasks. With the ability to quickly move extremely heavy materials between truck trailers and storage areas, they are an invaluable part of any equipment fleet. Unfortunately, forklifts are dangerous even with certified operators, so you can only have so many in your facility at one time. You also have to spend time training your employees to work around the forklifts to minimize the chance of an accident occurring.

While a vertical lift requires a knowledgeable operator, the stakes are not nearly as high because they are stationary machinery. Not only does this make them much safer, but you also won’t have to worry about increased traffic levels in an already busy facility.

Install a Vertical Platform Lift with RW Martin Today

Martin Vertical Storage Solutions, a Division of RW Martin | Vertical Lift

If you are interested in installing a vertical lift in your facility, you are going to need the help of industrial equipment experts. RW Martin and Martin Vertical Storage Solutions are leading suppliers of heavy-duty industrial equipment for a wide variety of industries. They can help you maximize your storage capacity and optimize your facility for efficiency. In fact, they offer high-quality lift options from Custom Industrial Products (CIP), a top manufacturer of vertical conveyor systems.

When you choose Martin Vertical Storage, you have the opportunity to work with proven industry professionals with unparalleled expertise in the installation and maintenance of vertical lifts. They will inspect your space and develop a configuration that will work best in your current setup. Their team will also take care of constructing and installing the lift as well as ensuring it is fully operational. After the installation, they will continue to provide technical support throughout your lift’s lifespan!

If you are looking for a lift or any other kind of industrial storage solution, you can depend on RW Martin and Martin Vertical Storage. Are you unsure of what you are looking for? Reach out to their team who will be happy to answer any questions you have and offer recommendations if necessary.

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