Don’t Lift with Your Back? Lift with a Lift!

The exterior of a VRC liftEveryone dreads moving somewhere with multiple floors. No one wants to have to carry all their belongings and furniture up flights of stairs. If there is an elevator available, it feels like a miracle, but that usually is not the case. Now, imagine it is your job to lift heavy stuff and carry it up and down stairs all day long. There has got to be a better way, right?

Freight-loading and storage facilities need a more effective method for storing and transporting their inventory than just using the stairs. For heavier items, the stairs are not even an option, preventing you from effectively using your storage space and putting a hard cap on how efficient you can be.

If you are tired of dealing with these problems in your facility, you need VRC lifts. Martin Vertical Storage Solutions is a leading provider of industrial storage solutions like VRC lifts and mezzanines, which allow storage facilities to maximize their storage capacity and improve overall performance. With high-quality lift options from Custom Industrial Products (CIP), Martin Vertical Storage can help you find the ideal equipment for your operation.

But what are VRC lifts? Where are they used? Why are they better than more traditional vertical transportation?

What are VRC lifts?

VRC lifts are material handling devices that can safely and efficiently transport all types of inventory to and from different levels of your building. VRC is short for Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor, which is just another way of saying it goes up and down. These lifts are the ideal method for transporting materials from balconies, basements, and other floors without having to use forklifts or manpower. They are also called mezzanine lifts because they are so often paired with mezzanine storage systems.

Who Uses VRC Lifts?

The most common applications of VRC lifts are warehouses, distribution centers, and components manufacturing as well as retail and wholesale stores. You may even find them in public institutions like schools and libraries that have unique storage situations.

Why would a school need this level of industrial equipment? While VRC lifts may seem like something designed for the industrial sector, they can be useful for any storage operation. Schools without elevators may need a way to store various forms of sporting equipment in higher levels of the building. VRC lifts give school staff quick and easy access to the equipment they need without having to clutter spaces that are already occupied.

Okay, that makes sense. But why don’t you just install an elevator? What is the point of going out the way to construct a VRC lift instead?

Why Can’t I Just Install an Elevator?

A yellow elevator for staff onlyWhile elevators generate a lot of awkward moments between strangers, are they not still the way to move stuff from one floor to another. Well, that depends. There is one variable that separates elevators and VRC lifts, and that is people.

Elevators not only have to carry inventory, but they also have to safely move passengers. There are countless national elevator codes that must be met in order to ensure safe operation. Therefore, anyone building an elevator will have to pay significantly more money on both construction and maintenance.

VRC lifts do not have to worry about passengers when moving between floors, so no more awkward silence and no more elevator codes. Elevator design requirements do not apply to VRC lifts, and they can even be built in vacant elevator shafts. This makes VRC lifts much more cost-efficient for initial construction and upkeep.

While VRC lifts do not have to follow an extensive set of elevator codes, that does not mean they are unsafe. The rules are just a little different. VRC lifts from Martin Vertical Storage come with numerous safety features to protect operators and cargo. In fact, all their VRC lifts meet strict national safety standards under ANSI/ASME B20.1 guidelines.

Meeting these safety standards requires the expertise of professionals who understand the ins and outs of lift construction. With Martin Vertical Storage, you can rely on a team of industrial equipment specialists who will ensure your vertical conveyor is up to code and operating effectively.

How Will a VRC Lift Improve My Storage Options?

Gives the Forklifts a Break

If you are working in a warehouse or distribution center, you are more than familiar with forklifts. Forklifts offer the ability to move freight quickly between trucks and storage areas with extremely high weight capacities. However, forklifts can be incredibly dangerous, especially in comparison to VRC lifts. To use a forklift, you need to have both a certified operator as well as a staff that has specific training on how to work in the vicinity of this equipment.

VRC lifts do still require someone to operate them, but they do not move around at high speeds like forklifts. This means it is much safer and does not contribute to the current traffic in your facility. You will probably need some forklifts around to get pallets from your storage areas to deliver trucks, but you will no longer be dependent on them for all your storage tasks.

Frees Up Space

A vrc lift exteriorStorage facilities are incredibly busy operations with employees constantly moving from task to task. If your workers have to transport inventory from your mezzanine by hand, your facility will feel a lot more crowded. In many cases, carrying large items will require a stairway to be completely clear to ensure safe travel and prevent people from bumping into each other.

A VRC lift allows your employees to depend less on the stairs to transport materials on and off the mezzanine. This means you will not have to consistently start and stop while employees transport inventory, saving time and maximizing efficiency.

Another advantage of choosing VRC lifts from Martin Vertical Storage is having industrial equipment experts design the ideal location and configuration for your new conveyor. This further optimizes your floor space, so the VRC lift does not take up more space than it needs to. Their C-Series VRC lifts are perfect for buildings with a lack of overhead space, while their TL-M Series is the best solution for facilities that need a lift that can fit in a tighter area.

Does All the Heavy Lifting

Minimizing the forklift traffic in your facility is one way to protect your employees, but VRC lifts have other ways of keeping your workers safe and healthy. Without a lift, transporting inventory requires workers to carry heavy materials up and down sets of stairs throughout the day. This increases the risk of someone falling, tearing a muscle, or throwing out their back, resulting in less manpower for other tasks and a lot of workers’ compensation.

VRC lifts do the heavy lifting for you, so your employees do not have to carry heavy loads up all day. Not only does this keep people from getting hurt, but your employees will also have much more energy to spend on more important tasks. This is one of the many ways VRC lifts helps facilities maximize their productivity.

Install a VRC Lift with Martin Vertical Storage Solutions Today!

Martin Vertical Storage Solutions | A Division of R.W. Martin Company

To install a VRC lift for your operation, you need to collaborate with a proven distributor of industrial storage equipment. Martin Vertical Storage Solutions, sister company of R.W. Martin, supplies clients in various industries with the equipment they need to optimize their storage capabilities. They offer superior VRC lift solutions from Custom Industrial Products (CIP), a distinguished manufacturer of vertical storage systems, so you can trust them to deliver the high-quality equipment you deserve.

Working with Martin Vertical Storage also means you benefit from the expertise of industrial equipment professionals with immense experience in the installation and maintenance of vertical conveyors. They will assess your current space and work with you to develop a configuration that best suits your operational needs. Their staff will also fully construct and install the lift ensuring it is working properly. They even provide technical support throughout the operational lifespan of your lift!

If you think a VRC lift would be a welcome addition to your facility, get in touch with R.W. Martin and Martin Vertical Storage today! Not sure what you are looking for? No problem! Their technical staff is equipped to answer any questions you have and provide professional recommendations for your lift construction project. Contact Martin Vertical Storage today!

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