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Increase Dock Capacity with a Copperloy Yard Ramp Rental

Sometimes projects go beyond the means of your current equipment, but that does not mean you have to spend tons of money to purchase equipment for one-time use. If you need to increase your dock capacity for an upcoming high-volume project, Copperloy yard ramp rental is the ideal solution. With a Copperloy yard ramp rental, you can spend less on the high-quality equipment you need and get the job done right.

Renting a yard ramp from Copperloy is more than just saving money. Copperloy’s yard ramps also save time and maximize productivity. Time is an invaluable resource for loading docks, as they work under strict deadlines to meet delivery schedules. Yard ramps give forklift operators the ability to move pallets to and from trucks directly, eliminating extra tasks in transport and improving efficiency. This allows for the completion of more jobs in less time, better utilizing active work hours.

What’s more is that Copperloy yard ramps employ a unique single-acting hydraulic cylinder design. This further optimizes loading tasks and gives Copperloy ramps an edge over the competition.

Copperloy’s Superior Single-Acting Design

Hydraulics is a form of technology that combines liquids with mechanical systems to complete certain tasks. While present in various industries and even in biological functions, hydraulics is particularly useful for heavy lifting. For yard ramps, cylindrical hydraulics can either be single-acting or double-acting.

Single-acting systems create force by applying pressure to one side of the piston with the hydraulic fluid inside. When the fluid begins to fill the cylinder, the cylinder shaft starts to rise. With the help of the fluid, the shaft can steadily rise while simultaneously counteracting pressure in the opposite direction. To lower the shaft, these systems use a spring or other mechanism.

Double-acting cylinders, on the other hand, fill both sides of the piston. These hydraulic systems are most useful for producing extreme levels of force to lift particularly heavy objects. Double-acting cylinders also remove the need for springs and other mechanisms, as they can both raise and lower the piston with hydraulic fluid.

So double-acting cylinders can apply more force. That means they are the superior choice, right? Although our natural instinct is to think double is better than single, single-acting hydraulic yard ramps offer advantages over the alternative.

Set Up Quickly with Lightning-Fast Raise Times

Double-acting cylinders may be able to push harder and lift heavier objects, but that does not mean they are faster. The higher levels of pressure required to operate properly actually increase the amount of time it takes to raise the ramp.

Single-acting yard ramps do not apply more pressure than they need to, raising two and a half times faster than double-acting systems. This allows you to get your ramp set up much more quickly for each task instead of waiting for your ramp to position. With an external hand pump, raising a single-acting yard ramp is quick and easy. Copperloy’s design also allows the ramp to be connected directly to a truck or dock for added convenience.

Creating a Safer Work Environment

Forklift traveling up a Copperloy yard ramp rentalTransporting heavy materials between trucks and docks poses a litany of safety hazards, especially when forklifts are involved. Just having forklifts in your facility introduces risks for operators and other employees, so you do not need your yard ramps causing even more problems. Forklift operators need stable ramps that allow for safe passage as they carry heavy loads, and Copperloy’s single-acting ramps are the perfect solution.

With a centrally-located, single-acting cylinder, Copperloy ramps offer significantly more balance and stability than double-acting ramps. This cylinder actively prevents tipping and wobbling, so forklifts can smoothly travel up and down the ramp without issue.

Yard ramp safety is always a top priority, so Copperloy designs their ramps with a variety of other safety features including an 8-foot level off, a low end plate, high-traction deck grating, and more. In combination with the single-acting cylinder, these features make Copperloy ramps the safest option available, helping facilities meet OSHA standards and regulations.

Less Maintenance, Less Downtime

Single-acting hydraulic yard ramps also minimize maintenance and downtime. These systems are much less complex than double-acting cylinders and apply pressure in only one direction. Single-acting cylinders raise much more evenly than double-acting cylinders which reduces overall wear and tear. This ensures that you run into less equipment breakdowns and saves you time and money on maintenance and improves productivity.

Better Manueverability Throughout Your Facility

Copperloy yard ramp positioning sleeve with forklift fork slid inside.Maneuverability is one of the most important aspects of any yard ramp. Finding the ideal ramp for your facility means choosing the right size and capacity depending on your current equipment and inventory. Double-acting cylinders are naturally much larger, which increases the size of the full ramp assembly and makes them more difficult to move around your dock.

Single-acting hydraulic ramps are much more compact than double-acting ramps, allowing for a wider range of dimensional options. Copperloy can help you choose a yard ramp rental that can effectively traverse your facility ramp depending on your unique application requirements.

In addition to the compact design, Copperloy yard ramps have other features that improve mobility. The positioning sleeve allows for 180 degrees of maneuverability, allowing forklifts to make tighter turns and reposition for separate tasks more quickly. They also feature a tow bar that allows for towing at 5 mph throughout your facility. However, neither of these features are designed for high-speed, over-the-road towing.

Rent a Yard Ramp from Copperloy Today

If you need a quick and affordable way to increase your dock capacity, consider a Copperloy yard ramp rental. Copperloy understands that not everyone needs to buy a new piece of equipment for each project, so they offer rental options to meet the needs of virtually any loading dock. They bring more than 60 years of experience in the development of loading dock equipment, so you can trust them to deliver solutions with exceptional strength and stability.

Are you unsure of exactly what you need from a yard ramp rental? Contact Copperloy today, and their staff will answer your questions and walk you through finding the best yard ramp for your facility. Visit 

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