How Can I Maximize Yard Ramp Safety?

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The right yard ramp helps speed up loading and unloading tasks on a job site. However, a yard ramp is only reliable if employees use it correctly and the installation is safe for the workplace.

Many material handling tasks get all too predictable, and it is easy to grow complacent with loading dock safety rules. However, failing to follow safety procedures leads to costly delays and serious injuries. There is no reason to run the risk of harm to your employees and accumulate of repair costs. See below for some yard ramp safety tips.

How Can I Best Increase the Safety of Loading and Unloading Tasks?

You cannot keep an efficient workplace if your facility is not safe. What are the basics of yard ramp safety?

Unload on a level surface whenever possible. Ideally, you should use your ramp on concrete or asphalt and never on grass. No matter the surface you use, you should use wheel chocks to keep your yard ramp stable.

Never exceed your yard ramp’s designated weight limit. Make sure to keep your owner’s manual and all other relevant documents on hand so you have an understanding of your equipment’s capabilities.

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Ensure your ramp connection is secure before you load or unload any material. Confirm your ramp’s lip plate connects securely to the back of your vehicle, and use any applicable lifting chains or other accessories to keep your ramp from moving.

Always drive at safe speeds when moving a mobile yard ramp. Ramp legs undergo serious wear and tear when workers drive over potholes and other obstacles too quickly.

Take extra care when you work in rainy or snowy conditions. Keep ramps dry to prevent employees from slipping and falling on a yard ramp.

Reach Out to the Copperloy Team And Make Your Loading Dock a Safer Place

For optimal yard ramp safety, choose a Copperloy ramp. Teams across industries have counted on Copperloy for premier material handling installations for more than half a century. Loading dock equipment from Copperloy will help you maximize safety, efficiency, and profitability across your workspace.

Why should you add a Copperloy yard ramp to your loading dock? These ramps are easy to use and easy to maintain. Where other ramps have slowed you down, Copperloy ramps will help you streamline operations.

A Copperloy yard ramp raises up to two and a half times faster than an alternative installation. In addition, a Copperloy ramp’s shark-tooth steel deck grating allows debris to fall away from a ramp to allow for easy cleaning and optimal loading dock safety. Copperloy ramps are also notable for a complete range of standard safety features. Namely, 7-inch safety curbs keep runoff to a minimum by way of a patented box frame, while a centrally-located cylinder ensures the stability of the ramp as it raises and lowers to minimize the risk of tipping.

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In addition to an impressive selection of yard ramps, Copperloy is a go-to resource for edge of dock levelers, dock to ground ramps, stage ramps, van ramps, specialty ramps, dock plates, dock boards, and material handling accessories. No matter your goal, and no matter your facility layout, Copperloy has what you need.

If you need a custom material handling solution for your space, then Copperloy is the ideal partner company for you. The company takes great pride in offering premier custom steel fabrication and design capabilities. Past custom projects have included yard ramps, lift tables, dock plates, and dock to ground ramps. Look to the Copperloy team to work from an extensive selection of materials and implement the current in technology, such as computer numerical control (CNC) and robotics.

To get the most out of your loading dock transformation, a Copperloy yard ramp should be your first choice. To view a complete selection of material handling solutions and request a quote for your loading dock, visit today.

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