Three Ways A Portable Loading Dock Will Help Your Facility

portable loading dock safety

If your facility does loading and unloading weekly, a portable loading dock can seriously boost productivity and maximize your workplace efficiency. Portable loading docks are used with dock to ground ramps to act as a mobile platform for handling loads.

In a space where no permanent dock exists, a portable loading dock creates one. That’s why this equipment is popular and widely used, thanks to its versatility and capabilities. If you aren’t sure about purchasing a portable loading dock yet, here are three reasons why this is a smart choice.

#1 Create A Loading Facility Anywhere

As mentioned, a portable loading dock creates a dock platform virtually anywhere. Consider your other options when it comes to utilizing a dock. You could instead hire a construction crew to install a concrete loading dock where you can process shipments. While this does create additional space, it does take more time, money, and effort. Installing a concrete loading dock will require a crew and it will require that you purchase the raw materials for construction. Plus, a concrete loading dock cannot be moved. Once this dock is in place, you must accommodate its height with your existing equipment.

On the other hand, a portable loading dock is easily adjustable. Sometimes, you’ll have trucks that are lower or higher, depending on the capacity they carry. In this case, a portable loading dock can be easily adjusted. In addition, a portable loading dock will come with a different range of capacities. You’ll never have to worry if a load is too heavy for your dock. Once you know the capacity range, you can focus on processing the shipment.

#2 Safety For The Whole Team

Safety is paramount on any job site, and a portable loading dock will come with the right safety features if you choose a reliable manufacturer. Some manufacturers will offer a steel base that creates a stable, flat surface for loading and unloading. Not only is this surface strong, but it’s easy to maneuver around for your employees. It’s also resistant to wear and tear, so you won’t need to spend additional time and money on repairs.

steel platform loading dock

Find a portable loading dock that also has platform curbs for loading and unloading. These curbs are a great way to ensure a load doesn’t run off the edge. They also are a mechanism used for balance. If you have a load that’s heavier than usual, platform curbs balance out the weight and make it easier for the workers to safely move the load across.

There are a number of other safety features to look out for, so talk to the manufacturer before you make a purchase. A portable loading dock should be a safe and reliable piece of equipment for all employees.

#3 Save Money And Time

Finally, a portable loading dock saves you time and money. This equipment is the lowest cost way to expand your loading capacity. If you are trying to expand your business, you need to take steps to ensure you are also expanding your work capacity. A portable loading dock will do just that, by creating a dock space wherever it needs to be.

In addition, portable loading docks are easy to use. You don’t want to waste time trying to adjust a dock’s height, or engineering a new solution to work around the dock. With a portable loading dock, you don’t have to! This loading equipment is built for challenges like these, to give you a seamless experience that helps your employees maximize their productivity.

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