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Looking for a yard ramp for your facility or project? You can trust Copperloy for leading yard ramp solutions that are easy to use, safe, and engineered to last.

Copperloy proudly manufactures American-made ramps that use high-strength materials to get the job done. For over 60 years, they have served their customers with innovative ramps that are a step above the rest.

Don’t just take it from us. Here are four reasons why Copperloy makes the best yard ramps on the market!

#1 Safety

All of Copperloy’s yard ramps are engineered for safety, no matter your job site. Their ramps come with 7-inch high curbs that prevent an accidental run-off. Plus, these curbs come with a unique, patented box frame.

Copperloy’s ramps are equipped with smooth side plates that are made from high-strength steel. These plates enclose all of the ramp’s working components and protect them from damage from other equipment. When you invest in a Copperloy ramp, you can trust that you’ll get the job done as safely as possible while satisfying OSHA laws and regulations.

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#2 Easy Positioning

A yard ramp from Copperloy is easy to position because all of their ramps are engineered that way. The ramp’s positioning sleeve allows it to maneuver 180 degrees, allowing for increased productivity and reducing loading and unloading times. This positioning sleeve is included on all steel mobile yard ramps.

For Copperloy steel and aluminum mobile yard ramps, you’ll benefit from the usage of a towbar. The towbar attaches to the lower end of the loading ramp and allows the ramp to be towed a short distance at your facility. This convenient feature makes it easy to move and position your ramp the way you want.

Copperloy’s ramps also come with a single-acting hydraulic hand pump that requires half the effort to operate compared to a traditional mobile ramp. This pump is located so that it’s protected from dirt and damage, making it low maintenance and easy to keep safe. When the handle isn’t being used for positioning, it’s stored out of the way. Superior mobility and position is just one of the many advantages of using a Copperloy yard ramp.

#3 Long Lasting

When you choose Copperloy for yard ramps, you can trust that you’re making a long-term investment. Their ramps come with high-strength steel deck grating that’s built for durability. The 1.75-inch bar depth allows snow and debris to fall through without causing any damage. In addition, the serrated grating ensures that the surface can handle all types of weather and still provide high traction.

These yard ramps also come with solid pneumatic tires that are standard on all Copperloy ramps. Why pneumatic tires? Because they don’t require any air to fill, have lubricated-for-life bearings, and require zero maintenance. You’ll never have to worry about replacing the tires on your ramp.

#4 Options For Yard Ramps

Copperloy has a number of options for yard ramps. For example, their portable yard ramps are the #1 option for shipments that need to go from ground level to the truck, and from the truck to the ground. Their dock-to-ground ramps are a stationary solution that fixes to the dock for fast loading and unloading and holds weight up to 30,000 lbs. Their ground-to-truck yard ramps allow for easy ground-level access to semi-trucks and are designed for industrial use.

Copperloy also carries heavy dirty portable loading docks, portable steel yard ramps, mobile yard ramps, and other loading/unloading products.

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When you need a yard ramp for your next project, you want to invest in a solution that lasts. And, depending on your capacity needs and facility size, you want to choose a manufacturer that has custom options for their yard ramps.

Copperloy is a leading provider of American-made yard ramps and loading solutions. From portable dock ramps to yard ramp rentals, you’ll find an option that suits you when you choose Copperloy’s yard ramps.

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