Increasing Productivity With Mandatory Rest and RecreationIn the quest of increasing productivity, we end up spending massive amounts of time focused on work. It’s about managing our time, crossing off to-do lists, organizing our calendars, sending emails, and creating content. Once we dial in our work habits and gain some serious momentum, all we want to do is ride that wave as long as we possibly can.

To ride that wave we work longer hours, cram as much as we can into each day, and continue to drive towards our goals. The problem with that approach is that we will continue to work well beyond the point of what’s right for us and healthy for us. We become oblivious to the damage that we’re doing to our family, friends, mental health, and our own well-being and eventually to our long-term productivity.

If we truly want to be increasing productivity for years on end and not just for short blips at a time, it requires finding balance. If we never slow down and do a self-check, we’ll completely burn out and possibly lose the fire for our passion.

Rest and Recreation | The Deep Break

In this video, Matt DeAvela talks about one of the most overlooked ways to increase productivity. It’s not a task manager, calendar app, or one of the many creative tricks that help you stay focused. It’s about finding balance in a world that often discourages rest. He talks about three ways to set boundaries in your life and one of his new favorite activities: The Deep Break.

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