easy to use productivity appsOver the past several years of working from home as a content creator and writer, productivity apps have become an obsession of mine. I’ve read countless articles and watched countless videos trying to exploit any hacks I could in order to master these skills. The true power of productivity comes through finding these hacks and applying them to your lifestyle.

Your productivity system needs to be designed with maximum efficiency to get the most out of your day. The goal of productivity apps can be broken down into several tiers.

  • Stay organized
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Capture and document ideas
  • Schedule meetings
  • Meet deadlines
  • Store and organize digital files

To make all this happen you’re going to need 4 different tools.

  1. Digital Notebook
  2. Cloud-Based Calendar
  3. Digital To-do list
  4. Cloud storage

Let’s jump into a productivity system that I have found that works for me. Hopefully, you can take this system and use what works, and leave what doesn’t, to build your own.

The Digital Notebook

note taking productivity appsSince I already use an Apple iPhone and Macbook Pro, it only made sense for me to use Apple Notes. This app gives me access to my notes whether I’m using my iPhone or my Macbook. This way, if I’m out somewhere and have a random thought about a content topic, I can record it in my Apple Notes app before I forget. A lot of ideas come to me when I’m away from my computer, so when I get back home I can pull it up on my Macbook and get to work.

I keep notes for blog content, social media captions, newsletters, and any other content related tasks. When using Apple Notes, in order stay organized, I created a folder structure to house all my ideas.

Apple Notes is extremely easy to use and doesn’t bog you down with useless features. Simplicity in the tools you use makes your productivity system that much more efficient.

A Cloud Based Calendar for Scheduling Meetings, Events, and Tasks

I use Google calendar for scheduling all my meetings, events, and personal appointments. I also keep content deadlines on the calendar as well. This not only keeps me organized but allows co-workers to see what I’m working on. Again, this is a cloud-based system, so I have access to it from both my phone and computer.

I have 2 calendars: my main calendar and a calendar I created for my blog content.

calendar productivity apps

There are other options available depending on the needs of yourself or your company. For businesses, something like Zoho might be the best option, whereas an individual might benefit from something as simple as Google Calendar.

Digital To-Do List

The Teux Deux app is about the easiest out there to use. It gives you an easy to read visual representation of your week. You can also add, edit and move tasks with a simple click of your mouse.

Below the weekly to-do list are a series of pinned lists that you can customize. This area is great for keeping track of a reading list, future ideas, or tasks that get pushed out and eventually removed due to being a low priority or not necessary. I like to keep a list of books I want to read, movies to watch, and a list of products I might want to purchase and review.

teux deux productivity apps

Keeping your to-do list organized and close by allows you to stay focused on the tasks at hand.

This productivity app is free for 30 days, but after that, it’s about $2 a month when you pay annually. For simplicity and ease of use, Teux Deux punches way above its price point.

Another to-do list tip is to write them out in the form of an action. This is a minor mental hack, but it works. So instead of having a task that just says something like “Youtube Video,” say “Film and edit Youtube video.” When written more specifically, it will help to motivate you to take that action.

Try to limit your to-do list to only the 3 to 5 most important things that need to be done. Any more than that, and you’ll start to lose focus and productivity.

Cloud Based File Storage

Google Drive is what I prefer to use. I can access my drive from my iPhone and Macbook, so it’s available almost anywhere. This is a central place where I can store files, documents, and photos.

cloud storage productivity apps

When organizing Google Drive I like to create a folder structure to save all my files, documents, and photos, similar to how I organize my Apple Notes. By keeping everything organized this way, I can streamline the amount of time it takes me to locate a document or media file.


When I’m looking for productivity apps to add to my arsenal, they need to be able to be accessed from my mobile devices. Having that type of access to my information, combined with the productivity apps listed above, allows me to squeeze every ounce of productivity out each day.

As a content writer, it’s extremely important to keep your processes streamlined and your information organized. Using the above productivity apps will have you on your way to becoming a productivity guru. Good luck!

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