What Bad Habits Have You Adopted?

Avoid These 5 Bad HabitsWriters come and go. Many begin to write only to realize that it requires more time and effort than they initially thought. But some actually persevere and keep pressing forward. Those are the ones who have the potential to turn writing into a sustainable career. Like any career, there are ruts and bad habits that we can fall into that hurt our performance.

There are many ways you can build a full-time career as a writer and be the most productive with your time. The opportunities available on the internet are endless. Success has no blueprint. But failure certainly does.

Here are 5 bad habits to avoid if you want to make it as a full-time writer.

5 Bad Habits To Avoid As a Writer

Writing About The Same Topics Over and Over

Whether you grow as a writer or not, your audience will. People change, and this is something failing writers don’t understand. They keep on writing about the same topics in the same way.

Readers get tired of that. Complacency is your enemy.

Don’t get me wrong, you can create endless content on a single topic, but it’s all about the angle. Come at the topic from different angles, and you’ll retain your audience.

Lying To Your Audience

When you read back through the content you’re writing and think to yourself, “This can’t be true” you’re probably right. No one does 500 push-ups, reads 50 pages, writes a blog post, and takes a cold shower before 7 AM. It’s nonsense, and people see through that.

It’s all about authenticity. If you’re running out of ideas, the worst thing you can do is lying to your audience about routines you follow, your writing style and processes, or how you live your life. If it’s not authentic and true, they will see right through that.

Using The Same Headlines Repeatedly

learning how to blog | bad habits Some catchy headlines work because we’re all curious. So when you use a headline that works once, you’re tempted to use it again and again, even if it’s a slight variation. Doing so takes away all the creativity out of your writing.

Yes, writing is about doing what works and there are some practices that you need to follow, but it’s also about doing what you enjoy. If you turn writing into a marketing practice, you won’t last long. It can be soul-sucking work.

Not Adapting To Change

People change, platforms change, algorithms change, and topics change. If you need to change your strategy, then do it.

There’s no need to cry and throw a tantrum. Keep moving forward.

Letting Other People’s Opinions Influence You

This is a big one, especially for young writers. Having some success as a writer takes a mental toll. You need thick skin to survive.

You need to be able to take constructive criticism without it offending you. Use it to your advantage, learn from it, and move on.

Drop Those Bad Habits Today

ink pen and notebook | bad habitsWriting is an internal process. So never make it about external things. You’re on the road to improving when you drop these 5 bad habits. Stay true to yourself, be honest, improve, and keep going.

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