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Looking for an extrusion line for sale to add to your facility or next project? Oftentimes, it’s not feasible to buy a brand new extrusion line. This could be due to cost, or you may not use the extrusion line machine enough to warrant buying new.

Whatever your reasons, there are tons of options for high-quality, used extrusion line machines on the market. First and foremost, it helps to identify which type of extrusion line you need. Let’s take a look at some of the most common.

Pelletizing Line

Pelletizing extrusion line equipment for salePelletizing extrusion line is a leading method for shaping and cooling materials. Once the materials have gone through the extrusion process, the discharged material is cooled by water or air. The water cooling bath often has a specific design engineered to meet industry needs.

Once cooled off, the strands are fed into the pelletizer and cut into cylindrical pellets. These pellets can be used in injection molding or can be further processed to get the desired result.

There are different types of pelletizing extrusion lines, including the strand type, which can provide various plastic compounding, recycling, and coloring to the final product. There are also underwater pelletizing extrusion lines, which create final pellets that are even and free of dust or other elements. This is because of the underwater system that cools and cleans the final pellets from the plastic extrusion process.

Film Extrusion Line

Film extrusion line is used in the commercial industry, plastics industry, and more. This equipment is great for producing high quality and quantities of plastic films. Plastic films are used all around the world. Grocery bags, large tarps, and other flexible plastic applications all use film extrusion line to get the job done right.

Film extrusion line processes plastic by extruding material through a circular die. Then, a tube is created and air blows up the tube while the plastic is cooled down. Finally, the plastic is flattened into a flexible plastic sheet that can be used across industries and applications.

Sheet Extrusion Line

Sheet extrusion line machinery

Sheet extrusion line is used to make flat plastic sheets from different resins. The line itself consists of an extruder, a screen changer, and a gear pump that plasticizes the polymer. Once this process is complete, it’s followed by a static mixer, which is a mechanical housing unit that contains fixed vanes to break up the polymer flow into different streams. Then, these streams are brought back together to be melted before they enter the die.

The flat sheet extrusion die is a heated distribution space that receives the melted polymer and extrudes it through the die. With the right sheet extrusion line, you can customize the shape and desired thickness of the die to get the exact final product you need.

This process may vary depending on your project and end result, but sheet extrusion is known to be a great process for the easier forming of materials. When you need quality used sheet extrusion line equipment, you’ll find it from the experts at PlastiWin.

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PlastiWin Capital Equipment has more than 35 years of combined experience in providing quality used plastic machinery and processing equipment to customers around the globe. PlastiWin is a leading supplier of used injection molding equipment, as well as used rotational molding machines and used thermoformers.

If you’re looking for a used extrusion line machine, you’ll find dozens of options at PlastiWin. They have speciality extrusion lines including film extrusion, sheet extrusion, and pelletizing lines. You’ll find the equipment and the expert advice you’re looking for at PlastiWin. Learn more about what they can offer you today by visiting Plastiwin’s website.

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