Where To Find Common Types Of Used Plastics Equipment

If your facility needs used plastic equipment for an upcoming project, you want to ensure you choose a reliable seller. Buying used is a great way to get a project done at an affordable and fair price, but only if the equipment can perform quality work.

PlastiWin Capital Equipment is a leading supplier of plastics equipment and can give you optimal solutions for your next project. Let’s take a look at what PlastiWin has to offer. 

used extruder for sale


Extrusion is a metal forming process that works to feed metal through a die. This can either reduce its cross section, or work to convert it into the desired shape. The extrusion process is used in everyday applications like pipes and steel rods, which can then be applied to the necessary worksite or space. There is immense force needed to extrude a work piece, which means it is compressive in nature.

PlastiWin has a number of extruders available at a great price and value. For example, their used 90mm Berstorff 500 HP Twin Screw Extruder is an impressive piece of equipment. A twin screw extruder is a machine that uses two co-penetrating, identical screws that are mounted onto shafts. These screws rotate in the same direction, in a fixed closed housing called a barrel. These screws are also self-cleaning, and they are able to operate continuously. This means you’ll get short residence times, and maximize productivity. 

PlastiWin also has a 3.5” 150 HP Davis Standard Single Screw Extruder. This works similarly to the twin screw extruder except without the function of the additional screw. 


used underwater pelletizer

Underwater Pelletizers

Pelletizing is a commonly used practice that can vary depending on the materials you are working with, and the end result you need. Pelletizing is a process of compressing or molding a material into the shape of a pellet. There are a number of materials that can be pelletized — even animal compound feed! Pelletizing is also used for chemicals, plastic, iron, and more. 

PlastiWin currently has a used Gala Model SLC 6 Underwater Pelletizer that is efficient and affordable. When compared to traditional pelletizers, an underwater pelletizer means that the polymer being used is in a molten state. It is fed from the material grinding head, and squeezed into the water cutting chamber after pelletizing. Then, it is dewatered to the final pellets. This is a very common practice for thermoplastics. In fact, it’s often regarded as the best cutting system for this type of material.  

Thermoforming Machines

Thermoforming is another technique used to mold plastics. It often results in a variety of products used in everyday manufacturing. Thermoforming works by heating thin plastic sheets in order to mold and manipulate them. Once these sheets reach a certain pliable temperature, it is then formed over a male or female mold to the desired shape.

Looking for a thermoforming machine for your job site? PlastiWin has a used CFS Compact M320 Tiromat Thermoformer great for a range of projects. This machine comes with an inline continuous tray former and vacuum sealer. Depending on the vacuum pump you use, this machine can complete 5-10 cycles per minute. This is a great value for a working, efficient machine. 

Shop now at https://plastiwin.com/product/used-cfs-compact-m320-tiromat-thermoformer/ .

rotational molding machine for sale

Rotational Molding Machines

Rotational molding is a simple process that takes just a few steps to get the desired final result. First, a hollow mold is filled with plastic resin. Then, the mold rotates bi-axially and is then transferred into an oven. The mold continues rotating while the resin melts and coats the walls of the mold. Finally, the mold is cooled while the resin hardens into the desired shape. 

PlastiWin is a regular seller of quality used rotational molding machines, including their Rotoline 0.50 LAB Rotational Molding Machine. Rotoline is a major manufacturer of molding machines, serving 5 continents with their quality equipment that maintains some of the industry’s highest standards. 


About PlastiWin Capital Equipment

PlastiWin Capital Equipment has more than 34 years combined experience in providing quality used plastic machinery and processing equipment. They are a go-to source for used injection molding equipment, rotational molding machines, extruders, and much more.

PlastiWin is constantly receiving new equipment, so make sure to visit their website often for updates on the latest available used equipment. Whenever you have questions or concerns, their team is here to help you find answers.

Visit https://plastiwin.com/ to learn more.  

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