Why You Should Invest In A Quality Replacement Drain Cover

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If you are looking for a replacement drain cover, you might not know where to start. Your garage floor drain cover is probably not something you think about often, since it shouldn’t need to be replaced more than once or twice. However, if your drain cover is rusted or chipped, you start to notice the need for a replacement drain cover.

When shopping for a floor drain cover, you might be tempted to opt for the cheaper option. After all, this is a smaller part, and you may not consider the long term effects of buying a cheap drain cover. But if you don’t invest in a quality replacement drain cover, or you try do-it-yourself solutions, you’ll pay more in the long run.

Material Matters

It’s likely that your current garage floor drain cover is made of cast iron or plastic. Both of these materials are cheap and allow for mass production, so they are a popular choice for parts like these.

Consider all of the exposure your garage floor gets. Your car treks in dirt, snow, and dust on a regular basis. When you open your garage, the floor is exposed to the outside elements. So, depending on the season, your garage floor can get some serious heat or cold exposure. If you have a cheap garage floor drain cover, it’s not going to hold up against the elements.

Although cast iron is cheap, it’s a thin and brittle material. Cast iron is also not resistant to weather changes and heavy traffic, which means that your cast iron floor drain cover is going to rust, chip, and potentially break into smaller pieces. If your drain cover does break, those pieces will fall into the drain itself, which can create a host of problems. If you opt for a stronger replacement drain cover, you’ll avoid these issues and you’ll have a long term solution that lasts.

What Material Should I Choose For My Replacement Drain Cover?

So what material should you choose for your replacement drain cover? Steel is an ideal option that is durable and resistant to wear and tear. Specifically, carbon steel is an extremely strong material that has high tensile strength, which means it won’t rust or corrode. Carbon steel is popular in the construction and knife making industries, which makes it a great choice for a replacement drain cover.

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If you live in an area with constant weather fluctuations, choosing a durable replacement drain cover is essential. You won’t need to worry about what you’re trekking into your garage, or how your garage floor drain cover is rusting or corroding. Instead, you can get a solution that lasts a lifetime and never look back.

Find Customizable Options

Every garage drain is different, so finding a custom cover is important. If the shape doesn’t fit, then you’re stuck with a replacement drain cover that creates an uneven surface, and doesn’t work in the long term. This can even create a tripping hazard in your garage, which isn’t safe for you and your family.

Find a customizable replacement drain cover that fits the exact dimensions of your garage drain. In order to find this, you probably won’t be able to shop at a major hardware store. Look around online for custom garage floor drain covers, and find a manufacturer who will let you enter exact dimensions to fit your garage drain. Then, you’ll have a replacement that lasts a lifetime.

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