When Is It Time To Replace My Garage Floor Drain?

Someone installing a new garage floor drain coverThe drain in your garage is probably not something you think about often. After all, your drain cover shouldn’t be something that gets damaged easily. Once it’s installed, you want it to last for years.

However, older garage floor drain covers are often made with cast iron. Cast iron grows brittle over time and rusts easily, which doesn’t help the aesthetics of your garage. Maybe you’ve just had a new garage floor installed, or maybe you just cleaned out your garage for the summer.

You want that space to look fresh and neat, and a rusted garage floor drain doesn’t help. That’s when you know it’s time to replace your old drain cover with something great.

Cast Iron Garage Floor Drain Versus Carbon Steel Covers

Cast iron is a commonly used material for garage floor drain covers, but it’s not as durable as you might think. In fact, cast iron has low tensile strength, which means it can break easily. It’s also extremely prone to rust when exposed to moisture. If you’re in and out of your garage a lot, it’s inevitable that water and other liquids are going to reach your drain cover.

Cast iron is also brittle in cold temperatures, not to mention it discolors and chips easily. With a cast iron garage floor drain, you’ll have to replace it often due to rust and corrosion.

Compare this to powder-coated carbon steel, which is a material used by Garage Drains in all of their covers. Coated carbon steel has high tensile strength and easily withstands heat and cold. Due to its non-absorbent impermeable material, you won’t need to worry about rust and corrosion.

In addition, the powder coating is an extra layer of durability for your garage floor drain cover. No more worrying about scratching, chipping, or fading when you choose a carbon steel cover.

How Do I Find The Right Garage Floor Drain?

Another barrier in replacing your garage floor drain is finding the right size. Drain covers can be squares or circles, and the circumference depends on your individual space. With older, cast iron drain covers, the options for customization are limited.

When you choose Garage Drains for your drain cover, you can choose from unlimited size offerings. Their coated carbon steel covers come in square, circular, and flush slide lock cover options. You can choose the exact size you need based on your garage.

Once you have the cover you need, you’ll benefit further from a lifetime warranty. There’s no more worrying about replacing your garage floor drain cover once it’s installed.

Get the Best Garage Drain Cover for Your Garage Floor!

Garagedrains.com logoEven if it’s not something you think about often, having a reliable garage floor drain is a huge advantage. You don’t want to constantly be searching for a replacement, or struggling to find the right size cover. 

When you choose Garage Drains, you’ll get a drain cover that lasts for years after installation and is a perfect partner for a long-lasting garage floor. They use powder-coated carbon steel for all of their garage floor drain covers, which are proudly made in the USA.

Installation is simple, all you have to do is remove your old rusted cover and place the new one in its spot. This is even easier than trying to find your own solution at Home Depot or Lowes.

When you don’t choose a reliable, customizable manufacturer, you may be left with more problems on your hands. Make the best choice with a garage floor drain cover from Garage Drains. Learn more about their business and  products on their website:

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