What is Metal Stamping?

metal part | metal stampingLike many other industrial processes, metal stamping has drastically changed over the past 100 years. Today’s metal stamping services are higher quality and laser-focused to be dependable across many industries. New advancements in precision and innovation make metal stamping services more sustainable than their distant relative of forging and casting.

So, what is metal stamping? Also known as sheet metal stamping, metal stamping is the process that turns flat sheets of metal into desired part shapes through a process similar to a hammer and anvil.

The final product is created by male and female dies which form, draw, cut, bend, shave, coin, or pierce the metal to your specifications. The process can be applied to both sheet and coil forms of metal.

A specific die cast engineered to stamp sheet metal has unlimited uses in industrial fabrication. Read on to learn about the 5 industries that can benefit the most from precision metal stamping services.


With so much pressure on the aerospace industry to follow all safety regulations, quality controls, and perform ongoing documentation for governing body standards, the products they use must be of the highest quality. The engineering process of metal stamping ensures that all safeguards are measured, visible, and controlled. Any adjustments can be made instantly without sacrificing cost-efficiency. In the end, you’re left with a precisely engineered process that will follow even the strictest of quality control standards.

Another component of following all quality control standards is accurately documenting all production and control processes. This guarantees that all processes align with current standards and regulations such as AS9100, the ISO 9001 aerospace standard that complies with Department of Defense (DOD), NASA, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements. It’s their responsibility to enforce quality control measures to monitor the highest-quality identifiable part.

Oil & Gas

Mechanical failures of any kind cannot happen in the oil and gas industry. They must operate under the tightest quality control standards to guarantee safety and efficient production. Environmental conditions such as light, corrosion, and temperature make metal stamping services the best choice for durability and reliability.metal parts | metal stamping

Product failure is lower than any other method thanks to improved advances in wire EDM machining. Precision metal stamping creates tighter seals and produces better function in the worst kinds of conditions. Metal stamping services can make washers, brackets, handles, and internal sealing components for the oil and gas industry. Each part can withstand harsh conditions.


Safety and quality are just as important in the medical field as the other industries mentioned so far. People’s health and well-being are at stake, so any metal stamped parts must work without failure. Greater process controls and engineering standards result in easily satisfied product specifications.

Metal stamping services provide the safest and most reliable equipment parts to the medical industry. Metal stamping is also able to keep up with the medical industry’s constantly changing practices. Metal stamping’s guarantee of a durable part will outperform thermoplastics every time for longer periods of time.

Fluid Power

The fluid power industry is mainly recognized for its hydraulic and pneumatic systems, although it’s not commonly known by the public. The fluid power industry requires detailed engineering and high-quality metal stampings. In this industry, there are more environmental factors such as temperature, moisture, and pressure that make metal stamped parts necessary. Again, the durability and longevity of the parts are required for industrial equipment, and metal stamping services can achieve those requirements.

Fluid power machinery must operate in environmental factors of all kinds, and only a metal stamped part can guarantee that. A few examples of these metal parts could include mounting flanges, valve sealing components and washers, brackets, and handles.

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

metal stamped parts | metal stamping servicesThe OEM industry (Original Equipment Manufacturing) is slightly different from the previous industries because it’s focused more on product engineering and supply chain viability. Your brand or industry reputation depends on quality products and on-time delivery. Metal stamping companies meet the complex needs of OEM by streamlining the design-to-fabrication process under one roof.

Metal stamping services outperform other expensive services because the cost per piece can be reduced drastically and improve the time-to-market. High-quality products will ensure return on investment by providing long-lasting products that don’t need to be replaced.

Short-run metal experts should be able to use modular tooling for efficient solutions, provide customized processes tooling designs, utilize national and global OEM applications, and provide continuous customer support. 

Learn more about metal stamping and its many processes.

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