Understanding Metal Stamping Near Me

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Metal stamping near me is a manufacturing process that converts metal sheets into shapes that are applied in industries everywhere. Though metal stamping is used for specific jobs, it’s widely applicable thanks to its low cost and fast turnarounds.

You may have heard metal stamping near me also called pressing, which describes the same process. Essentially, metal stamping is when you place flat sheet metal into pressure, use a die to form the metal and let it cool. There are dozens of processes that can be used within the die: bending, flanging, coining, and more. Before the sheet metal can enter into the die, engineers have to design the tooling via CAD technology, in order to come up with the perfect formula for the final product. Essentially, you can use the design process to create whatever shape you need, as long as metal stamping near me can withstand the requirements.

Before you choose a manufacturer for metal stamping near me, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of stamping. Let’s take a look at some of the most common stamping tactics.

Deep Draw Stamping

deep draw metal stamping partsDeep drawn stamping is used to develop automotive, aerospace, and electrical components. Deep drawn metal stamping near me involves a radial drawing of flat sheet metal that is formed to a die. It’s called deep draw due to the dimensions of the components that are deeper than they are wide. Usually, deep draw stamping requires more than one die, though it ultimately requires fewer materials to achieve the final shape. For that reason, this type of metal stamping near me is more financially feasible than others.

Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive die stamping combines multiple methods of metal forming to create more complex shapes and appliances. Progressive stamping can include punching, bending, coining, and other tactics that form the metal to exact specifications.

The first step is for strip metal to be fed through a progressive stamping press, where it steadily unrolls into the die press. In the die press, it is cut, punched, or bent at each station until it’s formed to fit the design. Sometimes, the sheet metal may pass through the progressive die more than once to get the final result. You may see this type of metal stamping near me in an object such as a house key, that’s curved and specific.

Multi-slide Stamping

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Multi-slide stamping uses horizontal alignment and four different types of slides to shape a metal piece. This type of stamping is more complex and has more opportunities for design changes as needed. Depending on the metal stamping companies near me that perform this type of stamping, the different tools may work together to achieve different bends simultaneously. This process is quick, meaning that as each part of the sheet enters into the die, it’s immediately bent and shaped. The goal is to provide a high volume of complex shapes as fast as possible.

Use Metal Stamping Near Me To Streamline Operations

If you’re looking for a better, faster way to produce high volume metal parts, it’s time to invest in metal stamping near me. Metal stamping is the cheapest and fastest way to form metal sheets to your specifications, and keep your operations running smoothly. From automotive parts, to aerospace components, to utensils and kitchenware, the process of metal stamping is seen everywhere. All you need is a reputable metal stamping company near me, and you’ll soon be on your way to churning out products faster than ever before.

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