Using Tech Experts to Your Advantage

3 men sitting at a computer | Akron IT servicesTechnology is now involved in almost every facet of our lives, and businesses are not exempt from the all-encompassing tech revolution. There are new advancements flooding in by the day, and business owners are finding it more and more difficult to manage the technology they need to succeed.

If you are a business owner in Akron or Kent, Ohio, you probably feel similarly about how technology functions in your business. But with the help of an Akron IT services provider, you can simplify the management of your business technologies and focus more energy on your personal business goals.

Here are 4 ways an Akron IT company can help make managing business technology a little easier:

IT Support & Help Desk Services

Woman talking on the phone and a transparent cloud image | IT support akronIT support is what most people think of when they think of IT. These services involve things like general management and troubleshooting. It is essentially the same for business IT support, but it is much more involved, requiring the expertise of several technicians and often dispatch teams for on-site problems.

Many IT support companies also include “help desk” services. An IT help desk gives the client or business a direct method for contacting their IT services provider. This means they can get help whenever they run into a new problem. Here are some things you can expect from help desk services:

  • Task and ticket creation and prioritization
  • Time tracking for each task
  • Responsive communication from technical experts
  • And More!

Needless to say, IT support and help desk services are an essential part of business IT management.

Managed IT Security

A red padlock breaking through lines of binary code | Managed services kentWith the sheer amount of tech in every business large or small, hackers and other security threats are just as abundant. Before, a simple anti-virus software could be enough to defend your business’s confidential information. However, security threats have evolved and so has cyber security.

Working with a trusted IT company in Akron ensures managed IT security experts are always keeping an eye on your business. They will monitor your network, implement advanced threat detection protocols, and take many other security measures, so you can rest assured that your business and customer information is protected. Even on the rare occasion that you notice something before your IT technicians, they will be on-call and available to help you solve any potential security issues.

Managed IT Infrastructure

It is no secret that business technology evolves many different forms of equipment. More importantly, choosing the right hardware, software, and cloud programs plays a significant role in how well your business runs. And on top of that, you need someone to manage all of it!

Managed services in Kent and Akron provide business owners with a team that will take care of their business hardware, software, firmware, backups, firewalls, wifi, routers, phone systems, networking, and several other IT systems. They can even make recommendations for changing or upgrading your current tools to further improve overall performance and security.

If anything starts to perform abnormally or below expectations, the IT company’s help desk can generate tickets and send them to the appropriate technicians to solve the problem as soon as possible. For example, if one of your critical devices suddenly goes offline, resources will be redirected to get that device working properly. Overall, IT infrastructure management just makes running your business easier and more efficient.

Cloud Management

Multiple people holding cardboard clouds | IT services akronManaging data and information is something every business needs, and cloud storage is the best method available. The “cloud” allows you to access your critical information from a secure server that is regularly updated. However, managing your cloud internally can be difficult and time-consuming.

Managed cloud services are yet another advantage of working with Akron IT companies. Having proven IT technicians manage your cloud services and applications makes the information easier to find and organize while keeping it secure. This includes offsite data hosting, a secure platform for your applications, instantaneous sharing for collaborative work, and more!

Whether aerospace manufacturing companies, marketing agencies, or law firms, every business can benefit from Akron IT services. If you are a business owner in Northeast Ohio, consider getting in contact with an IT support company to make business technologies easier to manage than ever before.

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