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Finding the Ideal Source for Aerospace Components

Getting an aircraft off the ground is no simple task. It requires the high-precision construction of complex assemblies made up of countless components. Each of these components plays a critical role in the overall performance of the aircraft, and once it is in the sky, failure is not an option. The design and manufacturing of aerospace components require the expertise of a proven manufacturer like NMG Aerospace.

The NMG Aerospace machine shop can develop the ideal component solutions for a full range of aircraft assemblies. Their staff combines countless years of experience in the design and engineering of aerospace components, so they can maintain higher levels of precision and meet strict quality standards. NMG can produce high volumes of critical components with unparalleled efficiency, delivering your parts on time at a price you can afford.

But what truly makes NMG the best choice? Why not work with a larger, consolidated aerospace manufacturing company?

The Problem with Consolidated Aerospace Manufacturing

Mergers and acquisitions are quite common for manufacturing companies in any industry. In some cases, consolidation can provide a variety of advantages. Most M&A projects look to synergize the companies involved, expand products and services, increase overall value for stakeholders, and achieve a variety of other business goals.

However, no business deal comes without its risks, and many mergers often provide significantly less value than originally anticipated. There is a litany of issues that can arise during the consolidation process. These issues not only negatively impact those involved with the deal but also the customers who rely on each company’s services.

Spreading Too Thin

Attempting to develop a more diverse selection of products and services is far from a bad idea. There is nothing wrong with trying to provide more value to your customers. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as biting off more than you can chew, even in aerospace manufacturing. Consolidated aerospace companies often fail to maintain quality standards because they are juggling too many things at once.

This extends to more than just the quality of products and services. This can also negatively impact quality of life for employees. When consolidated aerospace manufacturing companies reach critical mass, the number of employees under the same umbrella skyrockets. This results in many workers being treated like an insignificant number rather than having the personal connection and camaraderie between themselves and management.

Who Can You Trust?

Group of business people around a desk smiling and shaking hands | Consolidated aerospace manufacturingMaintaining a trusting partnership with customers is important for any industry, and mergers can often cause companies to lose that trust. Long-term customers of a company involved in a merger will have to question whether the people taking over can really get the job done. In many cases, customers will look towards other companies rather than risk dealing with a merger’s issues.

Customers are not the only people who will lose trust, however. Most mergers are planned by the higher-ups of a company, but just because they believe it is a good idea, does not mean their staff does. If an aerospace company’s staff loses faith in their management, they will not work as effectively and may even search for other employment.

Failed Integration, Low-Quality Creations

Integration is an inevitable step in the consolidation of aerospace companies. This includes helping staff at all levels learn to work with each other and adapt to the processes of each company. This is much more difficult than it seems.

Most companies have a particular way of doing things, especially in aerospace manufacturing. Training staff to adapt to a different set of company standards and processes can take weeks or even months. This requires large sums of time and money to accomplish and may not end successfully. Frustration alone may force several employees out the door.

Worst of all, the customer is left waiting for these processes to take place as efficiency and productivity plummet. So, their projects are not only taking longer, but the components they receive are failing to meet their standards. Ultimately, many customers will assume the consolidation is a failure and move on to other aerospace companies.

Why Choose NMG Over Other Aerospace Companies?

Woman working at workbench in an aerospace machine shop | Aerospace companiesNMG does not need to outsource their work or defer to a larger consolidated aerospace manufacturing corporation to get the job done right. Everything they create is built entirely in-house, so you know you are receiving products that meet NMG’s high-quality standards.

NMG Aerospace’s machine shop occupies 400,000 square feet of floor space, including at a total of 40 machining centers, mills, and lathes. These facilities use the best equipment the industry has to offer, allowing for the efficient production of a wide range of components with exceptional precision. NMG’s aerospace component options include:

  • Landing Gear, Aircraft Wheels, and Braking Systems
  • Potable Water and Waste Tanks
  • Aircraft Steering Components
  • Slide Evacuation Systems
  • Nacelle
  • And More!

In addition to manufacturing and production, NMG offers in-depth assembly services. This allows them to directly implement motor actuators, solenoids, hydraulic valves, and other actuation components for commercial and military aircraft.

Precision Engineering & Design Capabilities

NMG offers immense experience in aerospace component engineering and design. When combined with our state-of-the-art equipment, NMG can engineer components from early design phases all the way through to the final stages of production. However, NMG never tries to overstep its bounds or spread itself too thin. Even when just sticking to what they are good at, their staff can still provide full-service component manufacturing for virtually any project.

NMG recognizes that focusing on their own strengths will provide the most value to the customer. This also allows them to customize their component solutions to meet complex client requirements and assemble fully functional aircraft systems. Whether you have an existing design that needs modifying or need a new part built from scratch, NMG can develop component solutions that offer optimal performance in your application.

NMG also offers FAA qualification, prototyping, and testing services. This ensures the highest levels of quality and precision for each project and allows them to provide both certification support and full product qualification for each client.

Innovating & Educating Every Step of the Way

NMG employs a proven team of experts in aerospace manufacturing, and they understand that employees at all levels are more than just a statistic. By investing in the skillsets of each employee, NMG actively builds a more pleasant and productive work environment, encouraging creative thinking for complex projects.

A man in front of a whiteboard speaking to a team of people | Aerospace companiesWorking at NMG gives employees a chance to improve their problem-solving skills while developing new skills like root-cause analysis, value stream mapping, and more. Providing employees with the tools they need to succeed while feeling like a valued member of the team is critical for success. The better equipped NMG’s staff, the more innovative their solutions become. As they continue to invest in their employees, the returns are continuously directed toward the customer, as they receive the highest quality products in the industry.

Innovation also involves staying on top of technological trends. NMG is constantly looking for ways to enhance their equipment, so they can continue to offer the best component design and manufacturing services for their customers. Advanced technologies working in tandem with an expert staff is a formidable combination, setting NMG apart from the competition and providing more overall value than consolidated aerospace manufacturing.

Start Your Project with NMG Aerospace Today!

If you have been looking for aerospace companies to help with your next project, you can rely on NMG Aerospace. When you choose NMG, you get to work with an entirely American-owned and operated aerospace manufacturing. With their experience in the aerospace industry, they can develop a comprehensive selection of components and systems with superior design, engineering, CNC machining, assembly, and testing services. Moreover, you receive the quickest possible turnaround with competitive pricing.

NMG’s exceptional performance in all areas of aerospace manufacturing allows them to create solutions for numerous clients and organizations. Aviation and defense agencies at both the national and international levels depend on NMG for aerospace components, so you can trust that their 50+ years of experience will get the job done. Get in touch with NMG Aerospace today, and their staff can help you get started on your next project!

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