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Here’s How To Have Efficient Fire Door Inspection

A fire door is a door built with a fire-resistance structure that’s meant to reduce the spread of fire and smoke in case of an emergency. These doors are an essential part of a safe workplace, which is why fire door inspection is so important. 

You may know fire doors by a different name. They are often referred to as fire dampers, or as a closure, though keep in mind that this is not the same as a firewall or occupancy separation. Because fire doors are a safety feature, they have to adhere to a certain set of rules and regulations to ensure that they work properly.

Worried about getting fire door inspection completed properly? Don’t be. There are a number of inspection resources available for you to streamline this process.


How Can I Simplify Fire Door Inspection?

 If you didn’t know already, the safety inspection industry has kept pace with the rapid development of technology. There is now safety inspection software available that organizes your inspection data, sets reminders for inspections, and keeps you in compliance with local and national codes.

When it comes to fire door inspection, the NFPA 80 requires all fire door assemblies be inspected and tested every year, and sometimes more often depending on the facility. It’s common for the National Fire Protection Association to perform safety audits to ensure that these inspections are completed properly, so that means you should always be prepared to prove you’re in compliance. Even if you have just one fire door, there’s no such thing as being too prepared. In order to simplify fire door inspection, it helps to invest in inspection software.

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Fire Door Inspection From InspectNTrack

InspectNTrack is a leading safety inspection software company dedicated to making workplaces and institutions safer. When it comes to fire door inspection, their software easily inspects, records, and keeps track of all inspections performed on this safety equipment.

How does it work? This software uses flexible barcode inputs that allows you to scan a fire door and instantly inspect it in 15 seconds or less. If you don’t have the hardware to perform scanning, you can purchase it through InspectNTrack. 

If you’re on a large campus or workplace building, the ease of this system cannot be overstated. You can inspect hundreds, even thousands of assets in just a few days, and have all of the data organized for when you need it. So, if the NFPA needs you to prove you’re in compliance, all you have to do is access the InspectNTrack database. The software seamlessly organizes all data for fire doors and other equipment so you don’t have to.

When it comes to faulty fire doors that need fixed or replaced, this software will set automatic triggers to remind you about any discrepancies. Because of the importance of fire door inspection, you can’t afford to forget if a door isn’t working properly. With safety inspection software, you don’t need to worry.

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About InspectNTrack | Fire Door Inspection

InspectNTrack’s safety inspection software was created by EH&S professionals who understand the importance of safety inspection. They also understand that inspections shouldn’t take up too much time or too many resources. With the daily tasks of running your business, you need something that will work quickly and get the job done right.

Whether you’re looking for fire door inspection software, fire extinguisher software, or any number of asset inspection systems, this is the software for you. InspectNTrack keeps you organized and in compliance with the NFPA and other authorities, so you can focus on managing your business. 

Get this reliable software at a competitive price. Schedule your demo today or visit to learn more. 

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