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The Benefits Of Automated Inspection Software

From small, local businesses to massive college campuses, inspecting safety assets is an essential part of maintaining a secure space. You may have heard of automated inspection software, or barcode scanning software, that works to seamlessly inspect safety assets.

But what makes this software so special?

Automated inspection software is an innovative tool that can completely change the way you perform safety inspections. Not only will you keep your employees and business safe, but you can get the job done faster than ever before. 


#1 Automatic Reports And Data

When you choose InspectNTrack for your automated inspection software, you’ll benefit from automatic reports and data. With every business, facility, and campus, there are certain rules and regulations you need to follow to maintain a safe space. Organizations like the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) may request data or reports to ensure you are in compliance.

Thankfully, the InspectNTrack barcode software automatically generates and organizes the data you need from safety inspections. No matter the amount of safety assets you have, this software will collect data on each, organize it, and have it readily available via a cloud server. Not only is this good to show you’re in compliance, but it also keeps your personal records up to date. You have the ability to customize the information you want to collect, so this system is built to work for everyone. 

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#2 Easy Scheduling

Even though safety inspections are essential, sometimes they fall through the cracks. With the other daily duties of running a business, your mind may not be on safety inspections. 

Thankfully, automated inspection software can automatically remind you when inspections are due. InspectNTrack’s software also reminds you if an asset is broken or damaged, and ensures you return to that asset to replace it or repair it. 

Having automatic scheduling is especially helpful when you have hundreds of safety assets to inspect. You’ll ensure no fire extinguisher or safety shower gets left behind.


#3 Route Creation

InspectNTrack’s automated inspection software has the ability to create custom routes for your convenience. This is an automatic feature that learns the layout of your facility, and then uses that information to identify the most efficient path. That way, all you have to do is use the barcode scanner system to walk along the path, scan each asset, and record the information automatically.

The combination of automatic reporting, easy scheduling, and route creation makes automated inspection software an obvious choice. Safety inspections shouldn’t be something that causes you stress or dread, nor should it take away company resources. With an innovative tool like InspectNTrack, you’ll get the job done as fast and safely as possible.

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About InspectNTrack | Automated Inspection Software

InspectNTrack was created by EH&S professionals who understand the importance of simplified safety inspection. This automated inspection software uses barcode scanning and durable hardware to get the job done right, every time.

There is a reason so many industries rely on InspectNTrack for automated inspection software. From higher education institutions to maximum security facilities, it is hard to find a barcode scanning software suited for so many industries. 

Safety inspections should not be a burden on your business. If you’re still performing manual inspections, you may be putting yourself and your employees at risk. Manual inspections require that you have an organized data collection system, a reminder system that never fails, and a scheduling system that won’t let any assets be forgotten. It’s hard to create that without technology and modern tools.

When you make the investment in automated inspection software, you make the investment in your business. Visit today to get started and learn more about their software. 

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