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How Can Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software Help You?

Routine safety inspections are an essential part of any workplace. But, in addition to running the daily tasks of your business, you may not have the time to spend completing manual safety inspections. If you’re looking for a faster solution, fire extinguisher inspection software is the answer.

Traditionally, safety inspections were done by hand. The inspection technician would record all of the data from the different safety assets and write down when there was an issue or a replacement needed. Unfortunately, in any manual inspection system, there’s always the potential for human error.

Maybe the technician wrote a number down wrong or forgot to follow up on an issue. There’s also the chance that data becomes disorganized. Without consistent data, you can face fines from federal and local authorities. 

Thankfully, the age of manual inspections has passed! Make your inspections easier than ever with fire extinguisher inspection software from InspectNTrack.

How Does Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software Complete Inspections?

With fire extinguisher inspection software from InspectNTrack, the process is simple. This software uses a barcode scanning system to scan extinguishers and other assets and immediately record the data. The process of inspecting a single asset takes 15 seconds or less.

If you don’t have the hardware to scan barcodes, you can purchase it through InspectNTrack. Once the data is recorded, it’s organized into a user-friendly software app that lets you go back and view the numbers with ease. The app also creates routes for inspection technicians to follow, so they never miss an asset and move as quickly as possible.

If there is an error, this fire extinguisher inspection software automatically records it and sets up alerts, so you don’t forget. No equipment will be left behind or forgotten about because you’ll be reminded about the issue until it’s fixed.

Getting Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software at Your Workplace

Whether you’re still doing manual inspections, or you’re dissatisfied with your current inspection system, this software is easy to use and install. You can easily integrate this system into your workplace or campus. The barcode scanners themselves have flexible barcode inputs and accept 1D, 2D, QR, manufacturers’ barcodes, or brand new ones. You can easily swap between barcodes, too, so if you need to replace one, there’s no extra hassle.

If you’re on a large campus and are inspecting thousands of assets, this system saves you time, money, and stress. The guided routes will take you through the fastest, most efficient path possible so you can get the job done on time. Integrating this fire extinguisher inspection software is easy and pays off quickly when it comes to safety inspection.

About InspectNTrack 

Inspect N Track Logo | Fire extinguisher inspection softwareInspectNTrack was created by EH&S professionals who understand the importance of efficient safety inspection. Their software is compliant with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and will ensure you don’t receive fines or arrows for not complying. 

If you’re still completing manual safety inspections, it’s time to consider an upgrade. Fire extinguisher inspection software is a fast, reliable way to seamlessly track and record all your data for future consultation. This software works for any type of safety asset: fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, eyewash stations, fire alarms, and more.

There’s a reason that security, higher education, and health care industries rely on InspectNTrack to keep their workplace safe and functioning. This software is a leading solution to safety inspections.

Don’t wait on making the transition. You can learn more about the software or request a free demo by visiting InspectNTrack today!

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