How Do People Use Stainless Steel Wire?

A stainless steel wire chain link fenceIf you aren’t working in a manufacturing facility or a profession that regularly uses wire, you may not realize how important stainless steel wire is. Stainless steel wire is an exceptionally useful tool in a wide range of industries. But where exactly is it being used?

Surprisingly, you probably benefit from steel wire every day. Things as simple as chain-link fences and as complex as aircraft use stainless steel wire. It would be impossible to cover all types of steel wire products on a single page, but we can cover some of the more common uses.

Lock Wire | Safety Wire

Lock wire installation method diagramThis is likely one of the most important products to come out of steel wire. Aircraft, cars, trucks, and even weapons have nuts, bolts, and small parts that hold together the larger structure. However, these fasteners would simply fall out without some outside help.

Nuts and bolts naturally loosen over time, especially when subjected to intense shaking and vibrations. “Lock wire” and “safety wire” are used interchangeably to describe a positive locking device that counteracts this loosening and increases the tightness of fasteners.

For example, a commercial airline will perform several landings and takeoffs within a single day. This puts tremendous pressure on all the pieces and parts involved. Without lock wire, the fasteners will fall out and a domino effect of mechanical failures will ensue, causing the entire aircraft to crumble.

Overall, lock wire is an absolutely critical tool for keeping people safe. This is just scratching the surface of what lock wire can do, but telling you everything about lock wire might take more time out of your day than you’d prefer.

Medical Wire

Surgeons operating on a patient | Stainless steel medical wireYou could say that using stainless steel wire for medical procedures is arguably a form of “safety wire,” but I assure you it is far from the same thing. Medical equipment is not only complex, but it also needs to meet certain sanitation standards to minimize the risk of infection and other health issues.

Manufacturers of medical wire need to use specific stainless steel materials to ensure they function properly in their applications. Applications of medical wire include ultrasound imaging machines, various cardiac catheters, cardiac rhythm devices, endoscopic devices, orthodontic tools, and many more. So, you can probably see how precise you would need to be to find the right medical wire.

“Stainless steel wire saves lives” isn’t exactly the most engaging slogan, but it really is the truth. Next time you’re in the doctor’s office, you might notice a way that steel wire is directly helping you maintain your health.

Snare Trap Wire

Okay, now we can move away from health and safety towards something slightly more exciting. To the dismay of animal rights activists, stainless steel wire is often used to create snare traps.

Hunters from all over agree that snare traps are by far the most simple and effective method for trapping small animals. Rabbits, squirrels, and flightless birds are common targets for snare traps. The best part is that it can be used in nearly any climate, so a hunter in Alaska can trap just as effectively as a hunter in Florida.

Snare wire is not only useful for hunting and trapping, however. It is also an effective tool for campers, survivalists, and other outdoorsy people.

For example, you could set up a trip wire alarm to alert you when a bear or other animal has entered your campsite. You can also use it to reinforce a handmade shelter or secure your survival gear and rations. So, even people with the most love for animals can use snare trap wire.

Fishing Wire

A fishing pole hanging over the edge of a boat | Stainless steel wire fishing wireYou know how most people say “Good Mornin’”? Well, I usually just say “Mornin’” because if it was a good morning I’d be fishin’. But there’s no way I’m going to pull in a 15-pounder with dental floss on my line. I need something that can rip a hammerhead out of the water!

Stainless steel fishing wire is the best tool for fishermen looking to catch some record-breaking trophies. In fact, certain types of fishing wire are designed to catch sharks!

If taking a day out on the water to catch some fish, fishing wire is one of the best stainless steel wire products you can get your hands on.

Finding the Stainless Steel Wire Products You Need

Stainless steel wire has pretty much endless uses for so many different industries and activities, but it all depends on what you are looking for. Of course, we’ve covered manufacturing, medicine, hunting, and fishing, but it does not have to stop there!

If you think stainless steel wire could be useful in your industry or hobby, I encourage you to do some of your own research. You might be surprised at what you can find.

It is also important to find steel wire manufacturers that know what they are doing. This is the best way to ensure you get the highest quality regardless of the various stainless steel wire products you could be looking for.

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