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Spools of steel wire | Malin Co.When looking for the ideal steel wire products, you need to find a reliable supplier. Every manufacturer claims to be the number one choice, but it is important to have a thorough understanding of each company you consider. Use the facts to your advantage, and the fact is, Malin Co. gives their customers exactly what they need every time.

Malin Co. is a leading provider of steel wire products. When your application requires a straightened industrial steel wire, Malin Co. has you covered. They are capable of straightening and cutting any wire product they offer, and they can do the same for the wire you already own. Most importantly, having Malin Co. straighten and cut your material minimizes your production time, so you can get to work as soon as possible.

Malin Co. also offers competitive pricing, consistent delivery schedules, and the high quality you would expect from an American manufacturer. Whatever steel wire you need, you can trust Malin to get the job done.

What Can I Use Steel Wire For?

Stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials for many industries, and steel wire is no different. Steel wire is often used as safety wire and spring wire and is even common in the medical field due to its ability to meet demanding requirements at lower costs. Malin steel wire can also be manufactured as round or flat with a full range of finishes.

Some standard applications for steel wire include filters, gaskets, elevators, safety wire, shaped and flat wire, conveyors, tie wire, pins, lashing, forming wire, electrical, wireline, craft wire, jewelry, springs, brush welding, and more. Regardless of the finish you need, Malin’s experts can handle it.

What Kind of Steel Wire Does Malin Offer?

Steel wire spoolsMalin’s steel wire forming services involve using coils to produce straightened and cut wire. Malin’s machinery will then straighten the steel wire and cut it to the necessary lengths. Straight cut wire is created when uniform and straight lengths are needed for the application.

Malin Co. can also produce straightened and cut steel wire in a wide range of diameters from .006″ to .177″. Their length options range from .500″ to 10’, and their diameter tolerances meet even the most strict requirements.

For wire gages, Malin steel wire starts their thickest at 8 gauge moving onto 10, 12, 16, and 19 sequentially with thinner options available. Whatever gauge you need, Malin can work with you to find the right solution.

What Should I Look for in a Steel Wire Supplier?

The first thing you consider when choosing a steel wire manufacturer is communication. Some questions you should ask yourself: Does this supplier respond quickly to calls or emails? Are their quality control and customer service staff readily available? Are they being clear and honest about their capabilities? A trustworthy stainless steel wire supplier will always communicate promptly and transparently with their clients.

Also take the time to look through their certifications. For example, Malin Co. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which lets potential clients know they have consistently fulfilled the strictest quality control standards. Certifications also include training of their staff, ensuring they can help you properly when issues arise. Malin’s staff is fully certified to assist with all steel wire forming projects, so you never have to worry about dealing with incompetence.

Get Your Steel Wire Products from Malin Co. Today!

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If you are looking for a steel wire manufacturer, you can depend on Malin Co. Malin is the leading wire supplier of steel wire, tag wire, and safety wire as well as both straightened and cut wire. Malin Co. has been producing the highest quality steel wire for countless industries since 1884. Whether aerospace manufacturers or hardware wholesale companies, Malin Co. is your number one resource for steel wire products.

Want to learn more about steel wire products? Contact Malin Co. today, and their technical staff can help you get started on your next project. Visit https://malinco.com/ today.

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