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What Are The Different Epoxy Flooring Applications?

You may have heard of epoxy flooring before due to its popularity. Maybe you or a neighbor has an epoxy garage floor, or you have an epoxy floor in your basement. But have you ever considered the multitude of epoxy flooring applications that extend beyond the home?

Epoxy flooring has dozens of benefits: it’s easy to clean, slip resistant, and it maintains its sturdiness overtime. That’s why so many businesses and institutions invest in epoxy flooring applications for a lasting solution.

Let’s take a look at some of the more unlikely places you may find an epoxy floor.

dog kennel floor epoxy flooring

Dog Kennels

Finding the right flooring for a dog kennel is a tricky decision. Most conventional floors don’t work, because the floor needs to withstand harsh conditions while keeping the animals safe. 

Without a sturdy flooring solution at your kennel, you risk the health and safety of the animals. Floors that collect dirt and grime spread bacteria faster. And, even if you clean the floor often, you’ll expose the dogs to potentially harmful chemicals that exist in cleaners and bleaches. 

Epoxy flooring is the ideal solution for dog kennels. Not only does epoxy not collect dirt, but it’s also easy to clean and is slip resistant. Plus, epoxy is scratch resistant, so you don’t need to worry about damage from long nails! This is just one example of an epoxy flooring application that looks great, lasts long, and outperforms other options.


Hospital Floors

Hospital floors need to be kept clean due to the amount of patients constantly arriving and leaving. This flow of traffic means there’s tons of bacteria and germs moving in and out, which is why hospitals need reliable floors that don’t collect germs and grime. 

Epoxy flooring, specifically polyaspartic epoxy, is an antimicrobial surface that is non-slip. Not only is it easier to clean, but it’s resistant to the buildup of bacteria. Hospital workers, doctors, and patients deserve a clean space where they feel comfortable. That’s why this type of epoxy flooring application is a great solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities everywhere. 

epoxy restroom floor

Restroom Floors 

As with hospitals, restrooms are a hub of germs and bacteria. But, especially when it comes to public restrooms, they likely aren’t getting cleaned nearly as much, and therefore are susceptible to dirt, grime, and germ build up.

While epoxy flooring isn’t germ-free, it is a safer, cleaner alternative to other flooring options. Because it’s antimicrobial, when it is cleaned, it’s an easier job for custodians who may be cleaning the bathroom on a daily basis. Overtime, this floor will not be nearly as susceptible to deterioration from damage done by foot traffic and bacteria spread. This is a great example of epoxy flooring applications that make a huge difference where they’re installed. 

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About Ohio Garage Interiors | Epoxy Flooring Applications

Are you thinking about epoxy flooring applications for your space? Then you need to talk to the experts. Since their beginning, this locally owned business has served Northeast Ohio with quality polyaspartic epoxy flooring solutions. 

Don’t be fooled by their name. Ohio Garage Interiors does much more than just garages. They are the go-to team for all things polyaspartic epoxy, and can give you an estimate on your next project. Whether you need a basement, barn, garage, facility, school, bathroom, or any other epoxy flooring applications, this is the team to call. They can provide a free consultation to answer any questions you have, and get you started on your journey to a strong, long lasting floor.

When you choose Ohio Garage Interiors, you have a range of color and style options to choose from to make your floor your own. Show your style off with this leading flooring solution!

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