Find The Perfect Garage Floor Drain Cover

Someone installing a new garage floor drain cover

It’s probably not something you think about often, but your garage floor drain cover is an important element of the aesthetics of your garage. Drain covers are put into place to ensure that you don’t have an open hole in your garage where your drain is. Not only do garage floor drain covers serve a visual purpose, but they are also there for safety. Without a cover blocking the open space, you put yourself and your family at risk of a bad fall.

Unfortunately, in the past, drain covers were not always made to last. It’s probable that your garage floor drain cover is made of cast iron, or some other material that rusts easily. Cast iron is cheap and easily malleable, but it’s not meant to withstand the moisture and outdoor debris that’s brought into your garage.

If your garage floor drain cover is old and rusted, it’s time for a replacement. Here are a few key elements to look out for when shopping around.


You need a garage floor drain cover that fits. Certain drains are square, others are round, and others may be larger or smaller depending on the size of your garage. If you shop at a major hardware store retailer, you probably won’t have the option for customization when it comes to your garage drain cover.

Look for a seller who allows you to tailor the garage floor drain cover to fit your exact specifications. If your drain cover is just slightly too small, it can fall through the drain. If it’s too big, it might be off-center or elevated and therefore could create a tripping hazard. The best way to find the perfect size is to shop customized garage floor drain covers.


garage drain cover steel

As mentioned, the material of the garage floor drain cover is important to determine how long it will last. Most cheap drain covers are made from cast iron, which rusts easily. Not to mention, cast iron is brittle, especially in cold temperatures. If you live in a climate that gets all four seasons, your garage floor drain cover will inevitably be exposed to all of the elements. Cast iron simply can’t withstand this type of weather over time without cracking and potentially crumbling into little pieces. Then, you’re left with a hole in the floor of your garage.

Consider buying a garage floor drain cover made from carbon steel. Carbon steel is known for its high tensile strength and shock resistance, which makes it a leading choice for piping, construction, and knife making. As suggested in its name, this type of steel has a high carbon count, which means it’s much less prone to rotting. In fact, if you buy a garage floor drain cover made of coated carbon steel, you can expect it to last decades or more. Cast iron simply doesn’t deliver this level of reliability.


Perhaps most importantly, look for a garage floor drain cover that lasts long. A garage drain cover isn’t something you want to have to replace every few years, especially given all of the other responsibilities you have as a homeowner or renter. Having a reliable garage floor drain cover is great for the aesthetics of your garage, especially if you have a newer garage floor. However, it’s also a safety feature. Without a long-lasting garage floor drain cover, you’re left with a hole in your garage that can cause accidents and other issues.

Look for a drain cover that comes with at least a 10 year warranty. You want to buy the cover, install it quickly, and never have to look back. Now it’s time to go shopping!

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