Why Do I Need a Garage Drain Cover Replacement?

When you think about regular maintenance updates in your home, chances are you don’t think about a garage drain cover replacement. Instead, you probably think about fresh coats of paint or scheduled carpet cleaning. Every maintenance task is important for your home, and a garage drain cover replacement is necessary for your garage.

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A garage drain cover is responsible for allowing liquids to properly flow out of your garage through the drain. This is essential for avoiding water buildup. If you don’t have an efficient drain cover, it will become plugged over time and lead to standing water. Standing water in any part of your home is bad, and it will lead to accelerated rusting of your garage drain cover.

It can be hard to remember to keep up with regular maintenance of your garage drain cover, but it’s one of the best ways to make sure your garage looks and works its best. Find out how you can complete the entire replacement process yourself.

Why Do Garage Drain Covers Rust?

Rust on any surface is caused by standing water or too much exposure to moisture. Rust is especially bad for your garage drain cover if it’s not made of high-quality materials. One of the first problems to solve is if you have a clogged drain. No matter what garage drain cover replacement you choose, it will not work if the drain system itself is blocked.

If your drain is blocked, that is most likely the #1 reason for rust buildup on your garage drain cover. Standing water can ruin any number of materials in a home or garage. The worst part about rust is once it’s started, it’s hard to stop. You can try to keep up with it with sprays and cleaners, but for your garage, a garage drain cover replacement is the best solution.

How To Remove a Rusted Garage Drain Cover

rusty garage drain | garage drain cover replacementThe first step for a new garage drain cover replacement is to remove your old one. It may be different from cover to cover, but here are a few general tips for each. You’ll first want to look if the cover is set into the floor or secured with screws. If your drain cover is covered in excessive rust, apply a rust remover spray first and let it soak. Apply the rust remover to any screws that are rusted over as well.

Once the rust remover has soaked in, find the correct screwdriver to remove any screws. If you’ve done that or don’t have any screws to remove, you can start on the drain cover itself. Use a flat-head screwdriver or a flat metal surface to scrape out any rust between the cover and the floor. The cover should start to loosen from the floor, and you can use a sharp metal edge to pry it out.

Alternative Removal Methods

If your old garage drain cover proves to be more difficult than you expected, there are still a few more methods for you to try. If your garage drain cover has drainage holes that aren’t rusted over, you can use a screwdriver as extra leverage to pop the old drain cover out. If there isn’t enough room for a screwdriver, you can try slipping a coat hanger or another strong piece of material like wire through the holes. It may take some elbow grease, but extra leverage should help pop out the old cover.

Your old garage drain cover may be completely rusted over and unable to be pulled out through the drainage holes. If that’s the case, you can try one more additional method. Grab your flat-head screwdriver again and a hammer. Try to wedge the flat edge of the screwdriver between the cover and the floor. Use the hammer to tap the screwdriver down. This should help to break apart the rusted pieces and loosen the cover from the floor. It might take some hard work to remove your old cover, but you’ll be ready for a new garage drain cover replacement as soon as the old one is gone.

How To Choose a Garage Drain Cover Replacement

A poor-quality garage drain cover will waste both your time and money with constant replacements. The best way to save your resources is to pick a high-quality material for your garage drain cover replacement. Many replacements on the market are made of cast iron, but cast iron can be one of the worst materials for your cover. Cast iron has a low tensile strength, which means it can break easily. When exposed to excess moisture and cold temperatures, cast iron is even more prone to rust and breaks.

The best material for your garage drain cover replacement is powder-coated carbon steel. A powder coating finish is applied with electric charges and then cured with heat or ultraviolet light. Powder-coated carbon steel is tougher than typical finishes and is resistant to impact, moisture, chemicals, extreme weather conditions, and ultraviolet light.

Get The Best Garage Drain Cover Replacement For Your Garage

picture of new garage drain | garage drain cover replacement Now that you know the complete process of removing and replacing a garage drain cover, you’re ready to find the best cover for your garage. Search for a company that offers powder-coated carbon steel options and customizable size options. Get rid of that old and rusty drain cover as soon as possible to save you time and money in the long run.

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