Make Your Transmission Swap Easy With Crossmembers

crossmembers The rise in popularity of swapping transmissions has created an increased need for transmission conversion kits and parts. A transmission swap is switching the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) transmission to a new one. Transmission swaps are common because they give the option for an upgraded transmission that wasn’t available when you first bought/owned your vehicle.

Transmission swaps will improve your fuel efficiency, eliminate recognized OEM vulnerabilities, and handle heavy load situations better. Crossmembers are an essential tool of the transmission swap process and adapter kits. A manufacturer that specializes in the design of automotive accessories will provide you with the most innovative crossmembers for your transmission swap.

Read more to learn about crossmembers and why they can make your transmission swap feel like a breeze.

What Are Crossmembers?

To make transmission swaps easier, specific kits and parts are necessary for a smooth transition. A crossmember is a steel-reinforced bar that bolts across the underside of your vehicle to support the transmission. Crossmembers have to be strong enough to resist deflecting and twisting. Strength, durability, and size are critical components for proper handling and body panel alignment.

You want to find a crossmember manufacturer that guarantees each engineered crossmember will fit just like a factory transmission crossmember. With custom-fit crossmembers, there’s no need to change the mounting location. A transmission swap should be all about ease and efficiency. Every crossmember variation is designed for specific makes and models of cars to be the exact fit.

Why Does Weight Matter?

parts kit | crossmembersFor any car guru or even race car driver, they understand the importance of weight in their vehicle. Weight or changes in weight affects every alteration of their vehicle. Many drivers are conscious of their lowering curb weight, also know as the total weight of the car without the driver in it. Lightweight crossmembers are important aftermarket options to keep your curb weight low.

Any type of change in the weight of your vehicle will affect its performance. A carefully thought-out and balanced curb weight gives you better handling, faster braking, and better rapid acceleration. Less weight will reduce your emissions and fuel consumption because your vehicle won’t have to work as hard.

What Crossmember Is Best For Your Vehicle?

With so many different makes, models, and years of vehicles, it’s important to pick the correct crossmembers for your vehicle. Read below about the years and models that correlate to each crossmember.

LS Swap Crossmember

If you want to perform a transmission swap on your Chevy C10, a LS swap crossmember is the best tool for you. LS swap crossmembers are specific to Chevy C10’s and can’t be used with any other vehicle’s transmissions. It is also specific to C10’s manufactured between 1973 and 1987. The LS swap crossmember is ideal for larger, heavy-duty transmissions. It allows a dual exhaust system to be routed under the crossmember to keep the exhaust above the frame rails.

G-Body 700R4 RCG-350 Crossmember

If you have a Malibu, Monte Carlo, El Camino, Cutlass, Grand Prix, or Regal model vehicle made between 1978 and 1988, a G-body crossmember RCG-350 is the best selection. It will fit TH350, Muncie, Powerglide, T-10, Super T-10, Saginaw, and TH200 transmissions. The design of this crossmember is different because it can accept the double slot bolt pattern of standard transmission mounts.

G-Body 700R4 RCG-700 Crossmember

Similar to the RCG-350, the RCG-700 is fit for the same models and years, but fits different transmissions. The RCG-700 fits 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E, TKO-500, and TKO-600 transmissions. Another difference from the RCG-350 is that this crossmember is best paired with a polyurethane transmission mount.

G-Body 4L80 RCG-4L80 Crossmember

The G-body 4L80 RCG-4L80 crossmember is meant for Malibu, Monte Carlo, El Camino, Cutlass, Grand Prix, and Regal Models made between 1984 and 1988. It is only fit for 4L80 and 4L85E transmissions. If you have one of the appropriate car models, but it was made between 1978 and 1983, you can find frame extensions that can be used with the 4L80 RCG-4L80.

G-Body TH400 RCG-400 Crossmember

Slightly different from the rest, the G-body TH400 RCG 400 crossmember is meant for Malibu, Monte Carlo, El Camino, Cutlass, Grand Prix, and Regal models made between 1984 and 1988. This crossmember is more limited in the years a model was produced and what type of transmission it fits. This crossmember only fits TH400 and 2004R transmissions. Like the G-body 700R4 RCG 700, this crossmember is best paired with a polyurethane transmission mount.

What To Do Next

crossmembers parts Now that you know more about the types of crossmembers and what is best for your vehicle, you can make an informed decision about an auto parts manufacturer. You’ll want to look for a manufacturer that specializes in these types of crossmembers, and especially lightweight ones for optimal performance.

Everyone wants their vehicle to run at peak performance, and investing in high-quality crossmembers for your transmission swap is the best solution for your vehicle to save time and energy.

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