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A novice dreads getting their hands dirty with a complex transmission swap, so more often than not they’ll choose the hefty price tag that comes with hiring a mechanic. To a true car enthusiast, however, this just means it’s time to find the right swap kit and get to work. This can be easier said than done. You absolutely must ensure you secure it in place with a quality transmission crossmember.

It might not seem like a big deal — after all, the only role of a transmission crossmember is holding up the transmission. But depending on your vehicle’s body type, wheel drive, or transmission type, you could waste time and money if you choose the wrong product. Read on for some of the key considerations to make before you purchase your perfect transmission crossmember.

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What’s the Best Transmission Crossmember for My Transmission?

As expected, this consideration is not a one size fits all ordeal. Various transmission types can come in several different patterns and groups that require a particular type of transmission crossmember to fit securely in place. Consider the make, model, and manufacturer when making the purchase.

Common vehicle manufacturers like General Motors categorize their various transmission types by generation, vehicle body, and transmission type (ie automatic or manual). A trustworthy transmission crossmember supplier should keep a reference guide close by, so it’s easy to choose the perfect transmission crossmember for your transmission swap.

What is the Best Transmission Crossmember for 4-Wheel Drive?

Whether your vehicle operates on rugged 4-wheel drive or in sporty rear-wheel drive, this should be considered when buying the perfect transmission crossmember. A Chevy truck will have very different transmission needs than a Nissan Z32. The specific fasteners will need to be aligned with your vehicle’s speed capabilities, and the various terrains your car might encounter.

The transmission crossmembers themselves may be a similar size, but mount placement, required parts, and installation can vary. If you’re not 100% sure, consult with experienced transmission crossmember suppliers to make sure that you’re purchasing the right model for your wheel drive pattern and transmission mount.

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The Perfect Transmission Crossmember for your Vehicle Body

Size matters when it comes to choosing the perfect transmission crossmember for your vehicle. Each vehicle body type has a different code associated with the perfect transmission crossmember size to secure your handiwork.

These crossmember codes take into account both the overall length and the length between your vehicle’s bellhousing to transmission, varying from 20-3/8th inches to 31-1/2 inches. When shopping for your perfect transmission crossmember, your supplier should show you a detailed reference guide based on your vehicle’s body style and offer you the best choices. But who do the professionals rely on for quality parts and services?

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About G Force | Suppliers of the Perfect Transmission Crossmember

G Force Performance Products is an automotive supply company specializing in the design and production of high-quality parts and accessories for all types of vehicles. With their many years of experience in the automotive industry, their ability to develop high-quality parts for virtually any application cannot be matched. After setting themselves apart as an industry competitor with the introduction of their patented transmission crossmember, G Force continues to innovate and expand its manufacturing capabilities to serve a wider market. The result is the production of higher quality automotive parts and accessories, and a reputation as industry leaders.

Customers ranging from casual hobbyists to extreme car enthusiasts depend on G Force for all of their automotive component solutions. G Force offers a comprehensive inventory of flywheels, transmission crossmembers, bellhousing adapters, exhaust components, and more. Learn more by visiting

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