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Finding A Medicare Dentist Near Me To Provide Outstanding Care

Dentist health is essential to your overall well being, but it’s not always easy to find an affordable dentist office to visit. Whether you’re uninsured, on Medicare, or still navigating your options, it’s daunting to think about paying a large dentist bill after a check-up.

Thankfully, there are Medicare dentist near me options to consider. If you’re in the Northeast Ohio region seeking dental care near me, you’ll find affordable services at AxessPointe Community Health Centers. 

Maybe you’re skeptical of the need for regular dental check-ups, or maybe you are unsure if you really need this type of care. Let’s take a look at the benefits of regular visits to a Medicare dentist near me


Prevent Dental Health Issues

Even if you are an avid tooth-brusher and flosser, your mouth can still build up plaque and tartar. There are certain spots in and around your teeth that are hard to reach or see, which is oftentimes where this build up occurs. With regular visits to a Medicare dentist near me, your teeth will be cleaned using professional dental tools that can remove the unhealthy buildup.

In addition to removing plaque, your dentist will also check for signs of dental decay and for cavities. If your dentist finds small cavities or white spots on your teeth, these can be amended using a fluoride treatment that can reverse the decay.

Over time, visiting a Medicare dentist near me also helps prevent gum disease. Early signs of gum disease are almost impossible to detect, especially if you’re not a dental professional. However, your dentist knows how to examine your gums for swelling, receding, and deep gum pockets. If these signs are detected, your dentist can suggest practices or treatments to keep the damage at bay and keep your smile bright.

find a dentist near meTake Care Of Your Overall Health By Visiting A Dentist 

Your dental health is an important part of your overall wellness. Oftentimes, at a checkup, your dentist will examine your neck and jaws for swelling or lumps that could be a sign of a more serious illness. It’s important to say on top of potential issues, and a Medicare dentist near me can help with that.

Additionally, poor dental health has been linked to the development of heart disease. Specifically, poor dental health increases the risk of bacterial infection in your bloodstream, which can then affect your heart valves.  Research also shows a connection between gum disease and the development of heart problems.  

Don’t let this alarm you. The best thing you can do for yourself and your dental health is brush twice a day and floss once a day, and make regular visits to a Medicare dentist near me. With AxessPointe’s affordable healthcare model, this is entirely possible. 

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About AxessPointe | Medicare Dentist Near Me

AxessPointe Community Health is a team of healthcare providers fully committed to providing outstanding, affordable care. AxessPointe believes in community support and help as a way to promote a happy, healthier lifestyle for everyone.

Unfortunately, healthcare is not affordable for everyone, especially the uninsured. That’s why AxessPointe has several options to accommodate your situation. They offer a sliding fee scale for all patients, insured and uninsured. This scale calculates the cost of services based on income and family size. They also have Medicare dentists near me and doctors who accept Medicare and Medicaid. 

AxessPointe has offices in Arlington, Portage Path, Barberton, and Kent for your convenience. Take control of your dental health and visit an AxessPointe office to see all of the outstanding services they provide.

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