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Medical Services from Caring Health Professionals

Managing your physical and mental health can be stressful. For many Americans, it is difficult to find medical care they can afford. Not to mention that finding the right doctor can be confusing and time-consuming.

With AxessPointe Community Health Centers, finding the care you need is quick and easy, so you do not have to stress out about finding a reliable care provider. They also accept patients with private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and even uninsured patients. AxessPointe wants everyone to have access to the care they need.

AxessPointe offers a full range of medical services in Akron, Ohio. Their expansive team of healthcare professionals can provide treatment for anything ranging from routine health checkups to immunizations to geriatric care. Learn more about their medical services below or get in touch with AxessPointe today!

Dental Care for Healthier Smiles

Access to Care Akron | A woman receiving a dental cleaningFinding affordable dental services can be especially difficult for those without health insurance. The uninsured often avoid getting regular cleanings and treatment because they are simply much too expensive. This is why AxessPointe offers a full range of affordable dental care services.

Neglecting your dental health can have serious consequences on your overall health. Regular cleanings and good dental hygiene are not just for preventing cavities and gum disease. Poor dental health can have many negative effects on other aspects of your physical health. In fact, you can be likely to get sick, and issues like gum disease can significantly increase your risk for stroke and heart disease.

AxessPointe’s dentists and dental hygienists are equipped to provide a full range of dental health services. Whether you need x-rays, fillings, root canals, or just a routine cleaning, they can help you maintain a happier, healthier smile.

The Importance of Mental Health

Behavioral health is an area of medicine that covers both mental and emotional health. These aspects of your health are just as important as anything else and can directly impact your physical health. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 Americans are currently struggling with mental illness, so it is never a bad idea to check in with a professional and talk about how you are feeling.

Things like genetics, trauma, and your brain’s chemical makeup can affect your mental health. If you feel like you may be experiencing issues with mental health, remember that you are not alone. AxessPointe treats mental health issues as seriously as any physical industry, so you can depend on them to provide attentive, compassionate care at every step of the way.

AxessPointe’s behavioral health professionals can provide diagnoses for mental illness in both children and adults. They also have various psychotherapy options for depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, and more. Those who are currently dealing with these issues and do not have access to care in Akron OH should contact AxessPointe as soon as possible. Their network of medical professionals can get you the help you need.

Low-Cost Pharamceutical Care

Choosing AxessPointe as your healthcare provider also gives you access to an in-house pharmacy. Having pharmaceutical care available in the same practice as your primary care doctor has many advantages. AxessPointe’s pharmacists have a direct line to your doctor at all times as well as access to all your records and lab work, so they can make adjustments to your medications as quickly as possible. This will also make it easier to discuss concerns with both your doctor and a reputable pharmacist without jumping between locations.

Another benefit of working with AxessPointe is low-cost prescriptions. Paying for prescriptions on a regular basis is stressful for any patient, especially for the uninsured. Thankfully, AxessPointe uses the 340B program, a federal program that allows these pharmacies to offer discounts on your medications. Those who already have full prescription coverage can pay their usual copay, but the copay will also contribute to the 340B program and help the uninsured get the medication they need.

Prioritizing Women’s Health

Access to Care Akron OH | A pregnant woman and her doctor looking at ultrasound photos AxessPointe believes that women deserve to be in control of their health and their medical care. To maintain a healthy body, women need access to things like birth control, gynecological examinations, cancer screenings, and pregnancy planning services. Every woman is different and needs personalized care to manage their unique medical needs, so AxessPointe works to empower women to be their happiest, healthiest selves.

AxessPointe even works in association with Akron General’s OB/GYN Residency Program. This program helps countless pregnant women with any health issues they are experiencing as they carry their baby to term. Pregnancy and childbirth may be miracles, but they are also long and difficult processes. So, AxessPointe wants to give pregnant women all the help they need for a healthy, successful pregnancy.

Whether you are a younger woman in need of some medical assistance, a pregnant woman planning for the road ahead, or an older adult, you can rely on AxessPointe. Their team of women’s health professionals are equipped to provide the care you need.

Connect with AxessPointe Community Health Centers Today!

Are you looking for access to care Akron OH but are unsure of who to call? Get in touch with AxessPointe Community Health Centers. AxessPointe has been providing Akronites with the quality medical care they need since 1995, acting as the first federally qualified medical center in Summit County.

AxessPointe works with the understanding that all people deserve access to reliable medical care. All patients of AxessPointe work with proven medical professionals who can provide sound advice and exceptional care to help you stay healthy. AxessPointe even makes a point to accept patients without any insurance. With a sliding fee scale system, they can adjust the cost of their healthcare services depending on your unique financial situation.

When you choose with AxessPointe, you receive care from professionals who believe in building a happier, healthier community with high-quality, accessible medical services. There are currently five AxessPointe health centers across Northeast Ohio including three in Akron, one in Kent, and one in Barberton. So, go contact and schedule an appointment with AxessPointe today or visit their website at https://axesspointe.org/.

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