Save Money and Energy With a Milnor Washer Extractor

milnor washer image Every day, business owners look for the best ways to save money, time, and energy. If you’re in an industry such as hotel cleaning services, apartment complexes, or hospitals, you need a high-efficiency industrial washer. Your industry needs dependable washers that can process all of your linens promptly while maintaining sanitary standards and water usage.

If your business has been struggling with your current industrial washer, you need a replacement. The milnor washer extractor is the best solution for all of your industrial laundry needs.

Find out why the milnor washer is the most cost and energy-efficient washer on the market and where to buy your industrial laundry equipment.

Save Labor

The cabinet-style milnor washer extractor helps you save on labor costs and enhance your employee’s productivity. A milnor washer has three controls to assist your employee: E-P One Touch, E-P Express, and E-P Plus. These three controls help your employee select the correct formula for the goods and soil type, eliminating rewash cycles. The large cylinder volume increased productivity with improved mechanical action, rinsing, and extraction. These elements all benefit your employees with more linen washed per day and fewer hours required to process all of the linens. Impressive microprocessors and software allow for faster processing times which means cycles can finish quicker and be reloaded even faster than before for the most efficient industrial laundry equipment.

Save on Linen Replacement Costs

As you know, the second-highest expense in the laundry industry is the cost of the linens themselves. Constantly having to replace linens will eat up your budget in no time. A milnor washer extends the life of your linen with its safe chemical injection process. The washer has a manual soap chute located on the top of the washer which gives you easy access to inject chemicals. If a customer is using an automatic supply, the chemicals are diluted through the manual soap chute to prevent any direct contact with the stainless steel or linens.

Save Energy

washing machine | milnor washer Another major expense for any company is utility bills. A milnor washer helps reduce utility bills with its Frequency Drive system. This system has a single-motor inverter drive that can reach maximum extraction speeds gradually and efficiently. The Frequency Drive system reduces peak electricity amperage draw seen in other multi-speed motors. The milnor washer’s proper cylinder design has an increased perforated area and better extraction efficiency for better wash quality.

Save Water

A milnor washer isn’t just efficient, it’s eco-friendly. The extractor has perforated cylinders and ribs to reduce freshwater consumption by increasing the quick drainage of gray water and lessens extensive rinsing. Hot and cold water inlets fill the milnor washer quickly and accurately. The extractors conserve freshwater by maintaining accurate levels. A third water inlet dilutes any chemicals coming through the extractor to protect the linens from direct contact with the chemicals, similar to the manual soap chute. 

Save Money

The most important one of all! Everything mentioned so far is going to save you money in the long run, and that’s exactly what your equipment should do for you. One surprising feature of the milnor washer that saves you money is the frame of the washer. Milnor has created the frames to prevent stress concentration in any one area of the washer. This way, the structural integrity of the washer is insured for years to come. Every milnor washer is tested for 1,000 continuous hours to ensure its high standards.

Buy Your Milnor Washer Now

milnor washerEvery aspect of the milnor washer extractor is designed to save you money, time, and energy. When you’re in the industrial laundry industry, you know how important it is to optimize all areas of your business. Simply by purchasing the milnor washer, you will see your productivity rates rise while your expenses decrease. Finally, you’ll be able to redirect your resources and time to other areas of your industrial laundry business to make you succeed.

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