Choose Only the Best Commercial Laundry Equipment

A laundromat full of coin-op washers and dryers | Commercial laundry equipmentWaiting for service when your commercial laundry equipment isn’t functional can be frustrating. Time lost is money not earned. Whether you run a hotel, an apartment complex, laundromat, or any kind of business, you need your coin-operated or OPL (on-premise laundry) equipment to run properly. Your business’s value and potential growth depend on it!

You might have bought equipment from a dealer who cut corners, which can end up costing you more money in the long run. Why not save money on commercial washer repairs and machine downtime by choosing from the most trusted brands of commercial laundry equipment?

Instead of dealing with the uncertainty about which appliance manufacturers are reputable, let HM Laundry’s inventory of available commercial laundry equipment and their expertly trained staff will help you choose. The top 3 brands noted below are the commercial laundry equipment you need! Check them out on HM Laundry’s website:

#1 Chicago Brand Ironers & Folders

Maintaining the appearance of re-washed linen through tumble drying is not enough. Consider Chicago laser line roll ironers, which are state-of-the-art machines featuring patented eagle eye temperature controls. With over a hundred years of experience behind them, Chicago ironers are available in gas (GO), steam (SO), and electric (EO) formats.

These heated models come in a choice of 13” through 24” diameter rolls, and are available in a standard roll size of 120”, as well as specialty roll widths from 85” to 136”. They process any size linen – including larger size banquet cloths and table linen for party linen applications. See HMLaundry for more details!

Need a folding machine? Partner your Chicago ironer with Chicago Air Induced Response french folders, and you have a winning combination addressing all of your laundry needs. Let Chicago put the final touches on your freshly ironed products, with a commercial french folder. These machines offer multiple folds and cross-fold options and programmable quality assurance features that ensure a viable stain and tear reject system.

Chicago units are built to outperform the competition. The programmable inverter control provides soft start and pinpoints motion control during their second cross-fold reversing conveyor for crisper, more accurate folds. Precision reliable folding units produce finished laundry packages that meet all your expectations!

Chicago specializes in designing and building systems that separate, feed, wash, dry, iron/finish, and fold. They can process all linen types, including luxury items. Technical expertise, product innovation, quality, tradition, and local support, are just a few reasons to choose Chicago as your single source for flatwork finishing equipment. Get a free quote on Chicago ironers and folders to find the ideal equipment for your facility with HM Laundry today!

# 2 Milnor Washers & Dryers are Headache-Free

Milnor washer-extractors come in capacities that handle 40 pounds through 160 pounds with larger sizes available through special request! These tech-savvy machines deliver maximized revenue as no other commercial laundry equipment can. Their full line of durable washer-extractors, tumble dryers and single-load units are packed with groundbreaking innovations and ultra-efficient features to put on-premise laundry owners in prime position for success.

3 Milnor dryers | Commercial laundry equipmentThere are many features integrated into the washer-extractors that reduce your total cost of ownership –saving you money for years after your initial investment. Milnor has engineered the frames to prevent stress concentration in any one area, ensuring structural integrity during long-term continued use. Before any machine is sold, Milnor thoroughly tests every design for over 1,000 continuous hours in off-balance states.

You can also pair your Milnor washer with a Milnor Dryer. The name is synonymous with top-performing on-premises commercial tumble dryers. By balancing airflow and heat input, Milnor commercial tumble dryers deliver fast drying ability without wasting energy.

They are available in 30 through 200-lb. load capacities and stacked sizes that hold 30 lb through 45 lb capacities. Milnor tumble dryers come in varied sizes of machines that are equally efficient, and dependable. Some models even have reversing options and there are available models that offer digital or microprocessor controls which are user-friendly.

In fact, there are so many options available in many sizes offered, your commercial laundry needs are bound to be satisfied! Check out the many different models, options, and sizes available at HM Laundry Equipment.

# 3 Coin-Operated Huebsch Washers & Dryers

3 models of Huebsch washer and dryers | Coin operated laundry equipment Huebsch offers a selection of vended washer-extractors and dryers for coin-operated commercial laundry equipment. Their series of washer-extractor front-loading models come in capacities ranging from 20 pounds to 100 pounds. There are also Homestyle design, stackable, and top-loading models of single vended machines for those who need unique vended machine configurations.

By selecting a washer-extractor with the Huebsch trusted name for your coin-operated laundry facilities, you receive one of the most innovative machines on the market. Huebsch washer-extractors use cutting-edge technology. Their frames are stronger and quieter, using a proprietary inverter drive technology providing smooth, reliable power with seals and bearings that give seven times the water protection!

These washer-extractors use on average 33% less electricity and 17% less water, and with an advanced inverter drive, improved cylinder, and sump systems, they reduce non-wash water below the cylinder, adding to the overall life of the machine. This means they are designed in line with U.S. Department of Energy standards.

But wait there’s more! Their patented Water Guardian leak detection uncovers leaks in both the drain and fill valves, saving money and unnecessary repairs! Models have high-speed extraction spin cycles going up to 200 g-forces, removing excess water from the wash items and saving on drying time! With better performance and cost-effective technology, these washer-extractor machines are winners every time.

The Best in Tumble Dryers

Huebsch tumble dryers, with standard reversing cylinders, have been engineered to provide the fastest, most efficient drying cycles in the industry. Faster drying time means less time spent at the laundromat and increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and store profits. Patented, oblong cylinder perforations enable drywall screws and other small objects forgotten in pockets to pass harmlessly through machines without damaging the tumblers’ sweep sheets or user’s clothing.

These machines have four optimized drying cycles and digital displays allowing customers to view the remaining cycle length. ٚHuebsch Command systems ensure remote management access for better business operations.

HM Laundry offers Huebsch manual and automated operational dryers to meet all of your commercial and industrial laundry needs. Choose from models that start at 30-pound capacities and continue up to 75 pounds. No matter what amount of laundry you are dealing with, Huebsch dryers can handle it, with their promise to improve productivity through efficiency.

Coin operated laundry equipment is a staple in the commercial laundry industry and they have been developed into a modern solution for the modern commercial laundry landscape. Finding the right commercial laundry equipment is absolutely necessary to any commercial laundry business, once you fill the commercial laundry equipment void, your operation you will be set.

Check the many options available at HM Laundry today! The one stop shop for all your laundry needs!

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