vci bagEverybody knows that when metal meets water, rust is a likely result. However, did you know that the very act of holding your firearm can add oils to your firearm that also cause rust? That’s on top of the natural condensation and potential weather your rifle or shotgun may be exposed to. Even humidity can be enough to create rust. You might think your storage area is the perfect place, but if it gets too warm in the summer, or if your firearms are near a heating source during the winter, your guns might rust, and quickly.

There are numerous solutions you can try to get rid of rust once it appears, and there are some recommendations on how to prevent rust, including different types of waxes and lubes. However, the most tried and true methodology to prevent rust from developing on your firearms is to use VCI bags.

What is a VCI Bag

VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. What does that mean? Essentially, VCI bags work on a molecular level to protect your firearm from harmful moisture and chemicals. Once a VCI bag is sealed, your firearm will be enclosed in its specific environment, with oxygen and other harmful factors blocked out.

VCI bags are no ordinary bags. In addition to sealing off your firearm from factors that cause rust and corrosion, once a VCI bag is sealed, a cool vapor will envelop your firearm. This is where the real magic happens. A VCI bag made by an industry-leading manufacturer can protect your firearm for up to five years.

Prepping Your Gun For Its VCI Treatment

vci bagsFor the VCI process to work efficiently and effectively, you need to make sure you properly prepare your firearm before putting it into your VCI bag. After you use your gun, make sure to clean it thoroughly and ensure it is completely dry. You also want to make sure the gun is cool before placing it in its sealed-off protective chamber.

VCI Bags Versus Other Anti-Corrosion Options

Why choose a VCI bag versus one of those other solutions? There are several reasons why to go this route instead:

  • VCI Bags are entirely non-toxic
  • Will not leave any residue
  • Will not harm your stocks, grips, optics, ammunition, or metal finishes

Once you take your firearm out of a VCI bag, the odorless vapor simply dissipates into the air. Your gun will be as good as new.

Not Just for Firearms

VCI bags are available for applications beyond protecting firearms. They are available in many different sizes and shapes, so you can use a VCI bag to protect anything made of metal that might get exposed to the elements. This includes metal tools, electronics, and even bikes. The molecular technology works the same way, regardless of what size bag you are using or what you are trying to protect.

Like with any product, you will want to make sure you choose a VCI Bag manufactured by a credible and leading company in the field. All VCI bags are not created equal, and only a small handful will guarantee the kind of long-term protection you will want for your valued possessions.

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