What Are VCI Bags Used For?

If you look around your home, you’ll find a number of metal items: electronics, tools, firearms, and more. With metal items comes the possibility of rust, which is why VCI bags are a great investment for rust protection. If you’re purchasing a new electronic that you saved up for, you can’t afford to lose it to rust and corrosion!

VCI bags come in all shapes and sizes and can do wonders for your personal item protection. Zerust products can defend a full range of belongings from rust, but how does this technology work?

A large VCI bag from Zerust

How VCI Bags Protect Your Personal Items

VCI bags are sold by a number of retailers, but Zerust uses an innovative rust inhibiting formula that works faster and longer than competitors. Zerust’s VCI bags release vapor corrosion inhibitor molecules inside the air in the bag once it’s sealed. Once these molecules are released, they surround your metal goods and form a rust and corrosion-resistant shield that locks out harmful moisture buildup.

With many metal items, there’s an extra risk if they have recessed areas that are vulnerable to corrosion. Oftentimes, these areas are almost impossible to clean, which means rust and corrosion can build up faster. VCI bags shield these parts of your metal items that otherwise would become susceptible to harmful buildup.

In addition to this fast working formula, the Zerust VCI bags and other protective covers are completely eco-friendly. You’ll never need to worry about the molecules releasing any toxins into the air. Once the bag is opened, the molecules dissolve harmlessly and leave you with a protected item that lasts long. These bags last up to five years after purchase, which means you won’t throw money away each year buying a new VCI bag.

What Can VCI Bags Protect?

A VCI bag partially covering a bikeFrom tools to electronics to firearms and ammo, VCI bags come in all shapes and sizes to fit your items. Let’s say you have a set of wrenches that you want to protect during the winter months. Without a rust prevention solution, your wrenches will rust quickly. This is due to both moisture and cold temperatures that inhibit the function of the wrench.

All rust needs to form is a combination of oxygen and moisture, which can come in the form of humidity, vapor, or immersion. Without proper protection, you’re leaving your wrenches and other metal items at the mercy of rust buildup.

If you have a set of VCI bags to store your wrenches, all you have to do is simply put the wrenches in the bag and seal it up. It really is that easy! When you shop Zerust Products, you can also purchase rust prevention bags for bikes, cars, motorcycles, and other large items. These bags function essentially in the same way, they just come in a larger size to fit the intended item. At the price you pay, this is truly a bargain for a long-lasting rust prevention solution.

About Zerust Products | VCI Bags

Zerust Products began in 2001 as a joint venture with Northern Technologies International Corporation. Since then, Zerust has worked to develop fast-acting, long-lasting rust, and corrosion prevention technology. In tandem with their product development has always been a mission to focus on sustainability. Zerust wants to minimize their carbon footprint by creating products that don’t release harmful chemicals or toxins into the air.

Zerust strives to make their products affordable. Rust prevention shouldn’t be an additional taxing expense you add on to other maintenance and product purchases. In addition to their VCI bags, Zerust also sells rust-inhibiting vapor capsules, toolbox liners, air conditioner covers, and more.

When you want a reliable rust prevention solution, choose Zerust. Visit Zerust’s website to learn more about their selection of products.

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