Writing jobs No Experience?

Have you decided to try your hand at writing? Do you want to get an entry-level writing job with no experience? Starting a career in freelance writing jobs with no experience can be tough. You don’t know where to start, how to find clients, or how much to charge. Well you have come to the right place! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a college degree or experience. If you follow these steps to getting an entry-level writing jobs no experience, you will become a successful writer.

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What is freelance writing?

If you are searching for entry-level freelance writing jobs no experience, it is important to first know what exactly it is. Freelance writing is work done by someone who is self-employed who earns money by writing documents such as articles, blogs, social media posts, white papers, and other content for clients. Freelance workers can work from anywhere, on their own schedule, and charge their own prices. 

Clients will need freelance writers to write content on a wide range of topics. Some freelance writers will only stick to certain niche topics or fields, like mental health writing, that they have a lot of experience in because their expertise allows them to charge a higher rate for their work. However, the most successful freelancers are able to write about a wide range of topics that are tailored to their clients needs. 

Demand for Freelance Writers

writing jobs no experience, freelance writing jobs, entry-level writing job - woman at desk writingThe freelance industry is thriving right now. About four million people in the US started working as freelancers since 2014. This is because you don’t need a college degree or any real experience to become a freelance writer. As long as you have strong writing skills, you’re eager to learn about new topics, and motivated to reach out to clients, you are already on the path to becoming a successful freelance writer. 

Just know, as you look for writing jobs no experience, out of all the article pitches you make, the chances you hear back are slim. On average, you should expect about 10% of the emails you send out to lead to paid work.

This will improve as you gain more experience and clients so don’t get disheartened. Beginning in any career is hard and overwhelming.

How to become a freelance writer

Here is a list to guide you in becoming an exceptional writer so you can begin your career as a freelance writer:

1.Take an online writing course

The best thing you can do to find a writing jobs no experience is to take an online course. Online writing courses teach you how to obtain new clients, where to find jobs, how to pitch clients, and the tools you need to strengthen your writing skills. 

There are many free training courses you can find online, but to obtain an entry-level writing job with no experience, an online writing course is the best professional decision you can make. 

Here are some quality writing training courses: 

2. Perfect your grammar skills

One of the first things you should do when becoming a freelance writer is to brush up on your grammar skills. 

3. Guest Writing

There are many websites that allow you to post samples of your work for free or paid. Guest writing allows you to create and post writing samples. It is a great way to gain experience creating posts when you don’t have any experience. 

Here are some quality websites that allow freelance writers with no experience to post their articles:

4. Make a Writing Portfolio

writing jobs no experience, freelance writing jobs, entry-level writing job Our biggest tip to someone starting a career in freelance writing is to put together a portfolio of writing samples. Having a solid portfolio can make or break you as a writer. Your portfolio can display any type of writing you would like. You can include academic essays, guest writing posts, and personal papers. 

Having a portfolio with a selection of your best writing samples shows potential clients that you are capable of following through on any work you pitch. It shows prospective clients your style of writing, demonstrates your writing skills, and shows off places you have written for in the past. 

Your portfolio should only contain up-to-date, relevant samples of your work that showcase your best writing ability. 

5. Start a blog

An easy way to get your writing published online is to start your very own blog. This is also a great way to hone your knowledge and opinions about topics you like to write about.It is essential to have a blog because it helps attract clients.

6. Networking

According to studies done, about 85% of jobs are filled through networking. Talking to an experienced freelance writer is a great way to gain tips, find new opportunities, and give you feedback on your portfolio. 

If you don’t know any freelance writers in the industry, social media is a great way to meet people. There are thousands of Facebook groups you can join. 

7.Learn about SEO

One of the most marketable skills you can acquire is search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge. In short, this is the art of getting your website to the number one spot on Google search pages.

8.Cold pitch organizations

Cold pitching to organizations you have never worked for before will help further your career to the next level. Cold pitching is essentially reaching out to an organization to pitch your written stories or articles that are tailored to their business. Although cold pitching may seem intimidating, what do you have to lose if a business turns you down?

Final Thoughts

Starting a career as a freelance writer with no experience takes resilience and hard work. By reading this article you should get a feel if this lifestyle is for you. For the best results when starting off as a freelance writer with no experience follow these 10 steps. When launching your career, look for opportunities that allow you to write on topics you are interested in and passionate about. 

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