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Some writers choose to work as freelancers, seeking the independence and versatility that come with it. While others embark on a more conventional route, working their way all the way up the editorial ladder from staff writer to editor. Freelance or in-house? The answer stems from your personality and long-term objectives for your writing career.

If you fret at the idea of sporadic work and prefer job stability, a staff writer job could be a perfect starting point for your writing career. Take a look at our comprehensive list of the essential skills of a staff writer, employer expectations, industry trends, and more- all you need to know before acing your staff writer jobs application in 2022.

Staff Writer Jobs: Key Responsibilities

A staff writer role is a typical entry point into a career in journalism or any other form of content writing. More and more publications, TV studios and advertising agencies are on the lookout for professional staff writers who can craft compelling content around miscellaneous topics.

A TV staff writer might be asked to prepare written dialogue for a weekly show, while a newspaper employee may cover local issues for print articles. In any scenario, a staff writer’s duties always include:

  • Conducting thorough research
  • Crafting compelling content on a wide range of topics
  • Fundamental grasp of SEO principles
  • Fundamental grasp of journalistic principles

Let us go through all four key requirements one-by-one to help you hone the right skillset before applying for staff writer jobs with flying colors.

Research is key

Because research is the cornerstone of any solid content piece, all proficient writers are one-of-a-kind researchers. A staff writer must be exceptionally skilled at conducting extensive research before ever putting pen to paper. Employers expect compelling storytelling, stellar grammar and demonstrated industry knowledge. To be able to provide these, a staff writer should regularly devote enough time to research.

Your initial research project should concern the company you’ll be joining. You should understand the firm’s unique characteristics, grasp quality expectations, and deliver consistent results. Working as a staff writer for a firm is akin to being one of many honey bees working together toward a shared goal; thus, your ability to comprehend and adhere to strict brand requirements is critical.

A creative chameleon

staff writer jobsAs a member of the writing crew, you should be able to craft compelling content on a wide range of topics. Your responsibility as a staff writer is immense; wise words are the building blocks of any robust content marketing strategy. Hence, you should constantly hone your copywriting skills to help ensure the company’s services reach a wide audience and inspire. You could use a plethora of exceptional copywriting tools out there designed to help you nail your writing game.

What’s more, staff writer jobs often require employees to regularly pitch story ideas so as to advance content marketing efforts. This means that a prolific staff writer should be as cunning as a fox, picking up on the most trending topics and devising insightful content around them. A competent staff writer should always look out for opportunities to raise the creative bar and push out the edges of what can be.

Understanding SEO

In today’s Google-dominated world, understanding search engine optimization is an invaluable asset. A staff writer should master key SEO copywriting principles to help the organization steer its content marketing efforts to ever-new heights. This entails an in-depth understanding of how content ranks on Google and crafting your content accordingly.

Journalistic expertise

The most sought-after staff writer jobs requirement in 2022 is a solid understanding of core journalistic principles. While you’re not obliged to hold a journalism degree, more and more employers value your general grasp of the field and your ability to apply some of its most crucial principles to your writing.

staff writing jobsAmid the dismal state of the copywriting industry today, with a flood of agencies delivering content replete with trite ideas that do not stem from the heart but from a mere desire to outwit Google’s algorithms, more and more employers are on the lookout for staff writers who can produce meaningful work. Adhering to journalistic ethics is one of the finest ways to persuade any employer of your respect for truthfulness and meaning.

Summing Up

If you cherish the artistic potential of words to shine with a burning life and change people’s lives for the better, a copywriting career could be a blessing for you. And to start moving up the career ladder, a staff writer job is a great place to start. Unless, of course, you don’t mind a lot of uncertainty and prefer a freelancing career.

We hope our comprehensive guide has inspired you to hone the right skills for landing the best staff writer jobs out there. With the copywriting industry now booming, this is your moment to jump in.

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