Think about this. If you were on Jeopardy, what would be your cool story for after the first commercial break? Sounds easy to come up with, right? Not really.

Storytelling is an art form in itself. It requires creativity, vision, skill, and practice. I would go as far as to even so it will require you to have some grit. The ability to power through because storytelling is hard and it’s not something you’re going to grasp in one sitting.

the art and challenge of storytelling

Storytelling has become a crucial component of the most successful marketing campaigns. It’s What separates the strong brands from the weak. It’s what will build loyal repeat visitors versus a one-time visitor.

Telling my story, even though I wasn’t selling anything, gave visitors to our site a backstory to my origins and my why for writing. That story built genuine connections with the readers. Having transparency like that is what builds a loyal following.

The Challenge Of Storytelling

Have you ever experienced confusion when trying to understand a new topic? Stories provide a way around that.

Storytelling helps make sense of complex concepts and simplify complex messages. Taking a topic, product, or service that you have no background in and relating it to the reader in an easy-to-understand format is one of the biggest strengths of storytelling in business.

Take Apple, for example. Computers, tablets, and smartphones can be a pretty complicated topic to write about. Using real-life stories, Apple has been able to describe exactly how their products benefit users, instead of relying on technical specifications that very few customers would understand.

Wrapping It Up

This is a great video by Matt DeAvella on the challenges of storytelling. Put your earbuds in, sit back, and enjoy.

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