Sell Your Business With Storytelling

ink pen and notebook | storytelling Storytelling is not a common tool used to create a marketing strategy. Most of the time, storytelling is only considered a component of creative writing. While yes, storytelling does involve creative writing, that doesn’t mean it can’t be applied to fields outside of the creative realm.

For instance, what if you could boost your articles with storytelling? Your articles are a key component of communication between you and your consumers. Normally, your consumers come to your articles for more information or to learn something new. As a business owner, you know that keeping consumers on your page and engaged is crucial. Storytelling can help you with that.

Storytelling is a way to connect with your consumers on a more personal level that isn’t just product ads and facts. Read on to find out how you can incorporate storytelling marketing strategies into your business.

Tell Your Origin Story

As humans, we’re meant to connect over emotional experiences and stories. This is where the art of storytelling will help you the most. To connect with your consumers, start by telling your origin story.

Your origin story isn’t just the year your company started and where. Tell us where the idea for the company came from and why. Tell us why you picked the location you did and why it’s significant. Write about what starting the company meant to you and where you’re at now.

The origin story of your company can be so much more than just a few dates and locations. When you write the story of your company, you’re showing consumers there’s a real person behind the show who has goals and aspirations for the company. Use this to your advantage to create the first personal connection.

Make It Relatable

wordpress blog | marketing strategy Maybe instead of products, you’re promoting a service or idea. If it’s not something that people will be visiting your website to buy, you’ll need to convince them why they should stay. The best way to do this is to make it relatable. You need to tell people why it applies to their life.

One of the fundamentals of storytelling is making the content relatable to your audience or readers. Personal essays and memoirs may seem to only be about a certain person and their experiences, but specific elements of their story are tailored to how it can teach you something. Most likely, many of your favorite authors or mentors are people who have written or told a relatable story you connected with.

You can write all day about your company and product, but until your audience realizes how it can be applied to their daily life, they’re not going to engage. Find a way to explain how your consumers can either benefit from the product or from working with your company. Tell a story of how the product or service will improve a specific aspect of the consumer’s life.

Build Trust

Another important component of storytelling is to build trust. Nobody likes to be lied to, just like nobody wants to read false information. The story you tell should be accurate as well as engaging. When you’re consistent with all of your content, you leave no room for consumers to question what you’re selling or advertising.

Building trust with your consumers combines all aspects of storytelling so far. By telling your authentic origin story, consumers have a clear understanding of when you started your business and why. Consumers see that there is a real person behind the business and caring for their needs, and that establishes trust.

A relatable product story shows consumers that you’re thinking about all of the ways you can relate to their needs and provide a product or service they need. While your product may not be necessary to every single person, you can at least do the best job you can to market it creatively.

Get Writing!

person using phone and laptop | marketing strategy It might still seem odd to incorporate storytelling into the marketing strategy of your business, but hopefully, these tips have made it possible to consider. Storytelling is a unique way to engage your consumers in a way you never have before. Remember to tell the story that creates connections with consumers, shows your personality, and is accurate to your and your business.

Once you incorporate storytelling into your marketing strategy, you’ll start to see more authentic engagement from your consumers. Don’t be afraid to try something new for your business marketing, and get creative with it!

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