Breathe Life Back Into Your Blog PostsThe dream contract for any freelancer is scoring a regular blogging retainer. After a few months though, when you’ve exhausted your initial list of content topics, how can you put a fresh spin on the same topics for new blog posts?

Or maybe you run your own website and blog. To brand yourself as a niche expert you need to keep producing quality content around the same topics. It started out easy, but now you’re feeling the pressure of feeling like there’s nothing left to write about.

It’s amazing how quickly a regular blog can go from exciting and new to dull and boring. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are four ideas to bring life into a tired blog site and tired blog posts.

Approach The Topic From a Different Angle

Instead of copying what everyone else is saying or posting, go against the crowd with something new or unexpected. It takes guts to do. Every writer wants their content to be widely accepted. Going against the trend is a risk, but it’s worth it if you can pull it off.

One of the ways to stay ahead of a trend is to really look at that trend and find an entirely new way to spin it. ⁠Make it unique, add in your personality, and own that sh*t. ⁠You deserve to have your own trend. ⁠You owe it to yourself to be an original, not a copy.⁠

Search engine results quickly become clogged up with the same topics all going the same direction. Disrupt it with an opposite opinion. Get people clicking on your post to find out why you’re saying something different.

Turn To Trending Topics For Inspiration

If you’ve exhausted everything you know about your field, find out what keywords and topics are trending on both social media and search engines such as Google. Not only does it give you fresh topics to use but you will also notice your rankings improve on search engine results pages.

There are several useful tools and methods available to help you find trending topics and spot those that will trend soon.

Try these to get you started:

  • Trends24: Track trending Twitter hashtags and topics
  • Google Trends: Monitor the interest in specific keywords
  • Ubersuggest: See what your main competitors are ranking for that you are not

Keeping a close eye on hashtags, keywords, and topic trends not only gives you a constantly updating list of ideas but also ensures you’ll have an audience who wants to read them when you publish.

Generate Multiple Blog Posts Ideas Through Brainstorming

Instead of thinking of one or two new blog posts, have a brainstorming session to get out hundreds of ideas in one go. Don’t filter as you write, you’re not trying to find the perfect idea yet. Simply record every thought that comes to your mind, no matter how unworkable or silly it seems.

Try using Ubersuggest to find keyword gaps between your blog and others in your industry. Type a keyword in and find a huge range of related keywords and questions you may have never thought of on your own. These ideas can then be turned into fresh new blog posts for your website or a client’s website.

Another great option is an online tool called Answer The Public. Plug in a keyword or topic and get topic stems of what people are asking.

Quora is another online resource that can be used for identifying trends or common questions that people are asking. Just type in your questions and get related results. What you find may provide inspiration on additional topics. Quora combined with Google searches will yield plenty of useful content topics for your blog posts.

Mix It Up!

Do you find yourself always writing the same type of blog posts, as well as the same topics? I’ve found this on my personal website. We review a lot of outdoor products so 99% of our content is gear reviews. The other 1% is press releases for the brands we work with. We noticed our traffic plateau after a year of the same type of content. Mixing up that content gives you a lot of new ways to spin the same information in a fresh way.

Use these different blog post formats to keep your content fresh

  • Listicles: 5 products every home office needs
  • Comparisons: Ubersuggest Vs SEMrush
  • How-to Articles: How to write a blog post that ranks on page 1 of Google
  • News Events for Your Industry: The Impact of the new Google Update
  • Reviews: Improve Posture and Productivity With This New Office Chair

If you’re bored with what you’re writing, changing the type of blog posts you produce will reinvigorate your brand. A wide variety of blog posts broaden your appeal to new readers and keeps your current ones interested.

Wrapping It Up

It’s hard to think of something new every week on demand. I’ve been there several times. Instead of beating your head against your desk every day, block time out on a Saturday or Sunday morning for generating multiple content topics for the week. Write every idea down that you think of; no editing allowed! When you’re done, go back through and weed out the weak ones. If you are still short for the upcoming week, repeat the process.

There are millions of blogs online, and yours needs to stand out from the crowd. Create multiple types of blog posts, all targeting your niche. Including trending topics that will appeal to your readers.

Everyone gets bored with writing the same style of blog posts week after week. If you’re feeling the pain, your reader probably is too. It’s time to shake it up. Make it unique, inject your personality, and own that sh!t.

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