The Problem with Email Marketing

email marketing templateIf you’re like me you’ve signed up for many email marketing subscriptions over the years.

Eventually, they all start to blend together, with sales pitch after sales pitch. It gets to a point sometimes when I check my inbox that I need to take a deep breath, a shot of bourbon, and go on an inbox decluttering spree, unsubscribing from most of them.

That is unless there is an entertaining, fun, and interesting subject line and short description. Those I actually look forward to reading.

Learn How To Build an Entertaining, Interesting, and Compelling Email Marketing Template

Here are a few tips to improve your ability at email marketing:

Be Personable

You should be trying to forge a connection with the reader, speak to them as individuals rather than a group, an easy way to do that is by using the word you. Your email marketing content should not talk down to the readers and should assume they are intelligent, content is engaging when the reader feels respected in the writing. Write genuinely and work for the reader, to help their experience.

Create Intrigue with the Subject Line

You have one sentence to get someone to read the email, drawing intrigue is a must. Use a number, or a buzz word, and point out that there is something the reader is missing the knowledge of.

Vary Structure

You do not want to feel repetitive, so making tweaks to the structure of your emails will create enough difference between your emails to make them feel fresh without having readers be blindsided with an unrelated feeling from your emails. Once you have a nice general structure that you like going forward, do not get complacent, keep trying to find ways to improve the experience for your readers.

Keep it Brief

Nobody wants to read a novel that they are emailed, get to the point because whenever I open an email and see countless paragraphs, I ignore it. Readers appreciate shorter content and they are more likely to start reading and finish reading your email.

Show Value

If you are selling something, people do not want to be pushed something that they are not invested in already. Demonstrating the value of your product or service will improve the efficiency of your selling process and will decrease the amount of readers that reject your emails because of being pushed something.

Find Your Voice

An aspect of forging your connection with readers is by finding your writing voice that is unique to you. Use expressions and bring some personal flair in your writing, you are a person and the writing should reflect that. Experimenting will help you find aspects of your writing that are effective and you might have never found out otherwise.

What’s Next?

The better your copy is the more readers you’ll attract, and the more conversions you’ll achieve. Do you want more insights on how to write killer blog content, social media captions, and emails? Be sure to sign up for our email list, trust me you’ll want to read our emails, and then follow us on all our social channels.

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