10X Content

10x content that beats the competitionEarly in my career as a staff writer and editor of a veteran owned and operated website, we specialized in reviewing firearms, outdoor gear, and everything else that wraps around those lifestyles.

The challenge however was how do I make my website stand out from the many other firearms and gear review websites in order to hit my 1 million monthly visitors traffic goal?

I had one huge advantage out of the gate that those other sites did not. I had the ability to put products in the hands of active duty military guys, to really put the gear through its paces. I remember pitching to a company about reviewing their products on our website. The owner asked me the question “what makes you guys any different from the other gear review websites?” After I told him that I could put his product into the hands of the US military and get real world feedback it was a done deal.

But that’s only half of the game. I sold the proposition, now I needed to deliver on that. That’s where the concept of 10X content comes into play.

10X content means bringing viewers a unique and positive experience, throughout every controllable aspect. Whether it is through unique visuals, quick loading speed, and creating a positive emotional response.

I had to ensure that my content was better researched, much more in-depth, and provided value to the readers that could not be found anywhere else. We had to become subject matter experts of not only their brand but their products and services too.

What is 10X Content and How Does It Work?


Creating 10X content does not happen overnight. It’s more of a slow burn versus an immediate result. Don’t get discouraged. It’s going to take a few articles before you get a feel for the required research, how to write the copy, and structure the content. Consistency is key. Soon you’ll have a sixth sense for knowing what is and what isn’t 10X content. Good luck!

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