scheduling productivity hackWe all only have 24 hours in a day. No one has any more time than that, yet there are successful people that are where we want to be in life or have what we want to have.

What is their secret productivity hack?

They schedule their days. They work smarter and faster. Their days are not filled with wasted time. Every hour of their day is scheduled with something that contributes to their overall productivity, efficiency, and happiness.

What we want from life depends on how we use our time.

Then why do so few people schedule their time? Why do they not make the most out of every day?

Most often it is because people do not know how to schedule their days. It’s such a simple task that it becomes an afterthought. They fill up their to-do lists for the day and end up having nothing planned they actually enjoy.

5 Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Scheduling Your Day

Have Something Fun Planned Every Day

Make this a priority. This could be a movie night, going out to dinner, going to your favorite bar, or spending time outside away from your computer.

Some days you may not have the time or freedom to do those, in which case you adjust to the circumstances without getting rid of the activity entirely. Instead of a larger activity, find something that might be on a smaller scale and take less time. Just do something.

Take Scheduled Breaks Throughout The Day

You are not a machine that can work 24 hours a day. Find out what breaks you need and plan those into your schedule.

Plan Every Minute

calendar planning productivity hackLeaving white space in your calendar only invites bad non-productive habits back in. If you do not know what to put in that white space, then watch a YouTube video on something that benefits you. I prefer to find YouTube videos on subjects that I’m interested in, throw my earbuds in, and listen to them like I would a podcast.

When planning out your day, 15-minute or 30-minute blocks work best. Stay away from 1-hour time blocks. 15-minute blocks are the most common and what I use. By specifying the amount of time per task, you’re controlling the effects of Parkinson’s Law.

Parkinson’s Law states that work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. So if you plan 4 hours for a task, you’ll spend all 4 hours on that. But if you schedule 2 hours, then surprise surprise, chances are pretty good that you’ll have that task completed within that 2-hour block of time.

Your Schedule Is a Tool For Getting The Most From Your Day

Your schedule does not own you, and it is also definitely not perfect. You do not have to follow through 100% or feel pressured or stressed to do everything on time. It is a guideline, and a tool, but most importantly, it is there to get you more time doing what you’re passionate about and wasting less time on idle tasks.

Adjust the schedule to fit you, not the other way around.

Did You Have a Great Day?

Answer this question at the end of each day. If you had a great day and accomplished your goals, outstanding! If you did not, find out where it came off the tracks and re-adjust for the next day.


It will take you less than 30 Minutes to schedule each day and if you follow the above 5 tips, you will get far more out of your workday and life in general.

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