Steel Wire Manufacturers

steel wire manufacturersSince 1947, Brookfield Wire has been a resource for companies seeking high-quality metal wire and cable products. While you might know Brookfield as one of the leading steel wire manufacturers, the fact is that Brookfield offers many different types of wire and cable products, and materials other than steel are sometimes used. Here is a quick rundown of the types of products you can get sourced from this company you trust.

Fine Wire

If you are in need of fine wire, you will be hard pressed to find a better resource than Brookfield Wire. With 70 years of expertise under our belt, we can provide fine or ultra fine wire for whatever application you need. Fine wire is available in 300 series stainless steel, nickel alloys, Nitonel, Inconel, and Monel.

Mesh Wire

Bulk wire cloth, weld mesh, wire fabric, metal mesh, wire for rope, and wire for knitted mesh are all available at Brookfield Wire. The mesh can be woven or welded at each intersection depending upon what the application requires.

Hose Wire

Stainless steel hose wire prevents vacuum lines from collapsing. Wire reinforced hose offers resistance to vacuum, abrasions, and weathering, which makes it perfect for aerospace, oil and gas, construction and other industrial applications.


Slickline is perfect for the oil and gas industry because it is heavy-duty and can endure the harshest possible conditions. Unlike wireline, which is an electrical cable, slickline is a single-stranded non-electrical wire. If you need slickline cable, multiple strands of slickline wire can be used to create that product.

Welding Wire

Welding applications can necessitate many different types and sizes of wire. This video demonstrates some of the different sizes of metal welding wire that can be used on different product thicknesses.

Brush Wire

You might not think much about the wire in your brush as you are using it, but the fact is the wire in a wire brush is what makes it effective…or not. Brookfield Wire is best for twisted-in wire brushes. Wire brushes are often used for cleaning power tools, parts and components, and more. The wire makes an effective deburring tool as well.

Cold Heading Wire

Brookfield is able to use wire drawing capabilities to turn top-grade raw materials into DFARS-compliant cold heading wire. Cold heading wire offers many benefits including its flexibility. Cold wire can also be manufactured consistently from one run to another and can be produced and delivered swiftly.

Lock Wire

Lock wire is an integral product for aerospace and automobile applications in particular. Able to endure harsh temperature conditions and other extreme conditions, lock wire helps ensure various parts and components stay in place, securing the performance and safety of the entire airplane or vehicle.

Whatever wire products you need, and whatever material you need the wire to be made of, Brookfield is an experienced and reliable wire products supplier. Contact them today to find what you need.

Brookfield Wire CompanyRegardless of the type of metal wire you need, Brookfield Wire can manufacture it for you. Once you provide your specifications, Brookfield’s experts will determine the most effective way to produce what you need efficiently. You will find that as a metal wire manufacturer, Brookfield always strives to be on time and on budget, no matter what they do.

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