Which Web Developer is Right for Your Business?

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Creating a website for your company is a significant milestone for any growing business. The Internet has become an increasingly important part of the economy. It makes advertising and shopping easier, so both businesses and customers can contribute to the economy with the click of a button.

Building an effective website is absolutely essential to guaranteeing your survival in a volatile online marketplace and becoming a larger competitor in your industry. But where do you even start? Who can you depend on to build a successful website?

Web development companies are popping up everywhere these days, so it can be difficult to find the ideal partner for your business. Unfortunately, not all website design companies are created equal with many offering unreliable services or even scamming their clients. If you want to avoid wasting money on an illegitimate design company, check out these tips for choosing a web developer you can trust.

Portfolio! Portfolio! Wherefore Art Thou Portfolio?

Web development services near me | Design portfolio examples on desktop, laptop, and mobileIf you have been searching for web development services near me, the first thing you should look for on every developer’s site is a portfolio. This is going to be your best friend in deciding which web designer is right for you. A diverse portfolio will give you dozens of examples of different sites the developer has built, what industries they have worked with, and where their strengths lie. This information is critical in determining whether to hire a designer.

Web development companies that do not have a portfolio might as well have red flags on their homepage. Refusing to provide potential customers with access to a portfolio could mean one of two things: they either do not have any work to show, or their work simply is not worth showing. Regardless, you should never consider hiring a company that has no available work history.

Once you find a web developer with a full portfolio, do not just skim through it. You want to be incredibly thorough when researching their past works. Do their designs seem like something you would want on your website? Does their style seem adaptable enough to work with your industry? If the answer is yes, they could be a good choice for your web development project.

Want to see what a portfolio from a proven web design company looks like? Check out ADVAN Design’s portfolio here.

Communication is the Cornerstone of a Healthy Partnership

Web development services | Two women at a table smiling and talkingIf you see a portfolio you like and decide to contact a web developer, be wary of their communication practices. Do they throw around a lot of numbers without any real explanation? Do they deflect questions about their portfolio or design services? Are they taking several days to respond to your emails? These smaller issues could be signs of costlier problems that will become apparent during your project.

When a design company operates under poor communication practices, it can directly impact the progress of your website. If they struggle to respond to emails in a timely manner, you will receive updates when you need them. This will result in several mistakes in the website’s design that will require correction, which requires more time and money than you initially planned.

A reliable provider of web development services will be sure to communicate clearly from the very beginning. They will respond to emails quickly and readily discuss any ideas you have for your project. They will also work with you to develop a budget and a schedule with clear deadlines. Once the project starts, they will provide you with regular updates with the ability to respond to your changes at a moment’s notice.

This is the professional communication you should expect when hiring a web development company.

Are They For Real? Make It Make Sense!

When selecting a web developer, you should consider it an investment in your company’s future. The money you spend on this should all go towards making the best possible website for your business. Before you agree to hire a designer, you should always receive a complete outline of the costs involved. If you do not receive this prior to service, you may be taking a risk you cannot afford.

You should also exercise caution in regards to what a web developer offers. Do their promises of success and growth seem a little extravagant and unrealistic? They are likely using impressive numbers to draw customers, but they ultimately will not deliver.

Some companies might even make weird offers like buying traffic or clicks. If anyone offers this along with their web development services, get out while you can. Buying traffic is a shady practice that often tells Google to send your site to bottom ranks, making it essentially invisible.

An experienced web developer will provide you with an overview of costs before expecting you to invest any money. They will demonstrate their knowledge of what is required to effectively build a website without making unrealistic promises. Successful web designers do not use shortcuts to draw in customers. They use proven design and web development strategies to ensure consistent growth for your company’s site.

Why Choose ADVAN Design’s Web Development Services?

ADVAN Design is a leading provider of web development services near me, offering a full range of capabilities in all things web design. With a team of expert graphic designers, marketing specialists, and content creators, ADVAN can develop a website that shows off your business’s personality while giving customers the information they need.

From first contact, ADVAN Design is ready to discuss any questions or ideas you have regarding your website design. They will work with you to develop a schedule, budget, and design plan, so you have complete control over your project. ADVAN is also available to dicuss changes over email, phone, or even a video call if necessary. They will adapt to more accurately meet your needs at any point in your site’s development.

Their web development process is tailored to meet your unique design requirements, so your website reflects the values of your business and industry. ADVAN’s team will create eye-catching designs to draw customers in and write content that keeps them coming back.

Start Your Web Development Project with ADVAN Today!

If you have been searching for web development near me, consider the creative solutions from ADVAN Design. As one of Ohio’s leading digital marketing companies, ADVAN offers expertise in all things web design. From logo designs to strategic SEO, ADVAN can help you develop an online presence that brings in more customers than ever before.

Are you looking to build a website but uncertain of what you need? ADVAN Design has worked with countless Ohio companies in industries ranging from entertainment to industrial manufacturing. Their team is prepared to offer you professional recommendations to get your website design project started on the right foot, so contact ADVAN Design today!

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