Reliable Nickel Wire Suppliers

Are you in need of a reliable nickel wire supplier for quality nickel products? Brookfield Wire Company is one of the leading nickel wire suppliers in the United States. They can develop custom-designed round, flat, and shaped nickel wire with quick turnaround and competitive pricing.

At Brookfield Wire, staff combines years of experience in custom Nickel wire production. This results in the highest levels of precision for dimensional and processing control. Most importantly, they can meet all of your requests and performance requirements while working within your budget and schedule.

High-speed, high-precision wire production is Brookfield’s specialty. They also offer a full range of sizes, finishes, tempers, and chemistries. In addition to standard their standard nickel wire, Brookfield can readily create custom wire products to your exact specifications.

Brookfield operates a 70,000 square-foot state of the art facility that houses the latest and greatest wire drawing machinery. So, they can easily take on even the most challenging, high-volume nickel wire projects while offering quick lead times and competitive pricing. The result? Brookfield is one of the few nickel wire suppliers that can consistently work within your schedule and budget.

Proven Quality from Experienced Nickel Wire Suppliers

Brookfield has maintained its position among America’s most reputable nickel wire suppliers for years, offering a diverse catalog of nickel wire products and services. In fact, they have been creating standard and custom nickel wire solutions since 1947.

As a top-performing custom wire supplier and distributor of wire products, Brookfield offers its customers the highest strength and versatility in the industry. Brookfield is confident that their pure nickel wire products can meet even the strictest quality and performance standards. All Brookfield’s wire products are also useful in a wide variety of industries ranging from agriculture to aerospace. Brookfield wire is easy to clean, corrosion-resistant, and eco-friendly.

They combine their expert staff with the industry’s finest manufacturing equipment, so the nickel wire products you need are delivered accurately and consistently. This also gives Brookfield Wire many other unique capabilities. These capabilities include drawing Nickel wire to custom gauges, tempers, and finishes at diameters from .006″ to .250″. As a result, we can more effectively meet every need that your application requires.

Brookfield wire supply offers many packaging and spooling options to meet your shipment and delivery needs, so you’ll always be spoiled for choice when you trust Brookfield as your primary nickel wire suppier.

tempered shaped wire

Tempering your Nickel Alloy

When designing high-quality wire with nickel and other specialty metals, tempering is a crucial step in producing the best possible nickel wire. Tempering wire improves many characteristics of the metal by exposing them to high temperatures and quickly cooling them down. Not only does this process increase the strength of the metal, but it also reduces internal stress and brittleness and increases corrosion resistance.

At Brookfield, a full range of tempers is offered from fully annealed to full spring as well as intermediate tempers for specific customer requests. Brookfield is also are able to offer a diverse selection of metal materials. In fact, Brookfield uses global purchasing to find their raw materials. The Brookfield Wire staff is passionate about finding a solution. If you have a question for one of these highly trained wire drawing experts, you can contact Brookfield today.

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Brookfield Wire Co. | Nickel Wire Suppliers since 1947

Brookfield Wire is a leader of cold-drawn stainless steel, nickel alloy, and nickel wire suppliers.

Brookfield’s stainless steel and nickel wire products are manufactured to the highest industry standards in a broad range of chemistries, sizes, tempers, and finishes. In addition to the standard products outlined, Brookfield produces special products meeting rigid individual customer requirements. The wire supply plant, located on a 40-acre site in Brookfield, Massachusetts, was founded in 1947 and contains approximately 70,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing area. For the best nickel wire supplier in the USA, count on Brookfield Wire.

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